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Group and Ungroup Objects Group Objects
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f you are a new SolidWorks user, the chapters of Part I are essential. I recommend reading these chapters in order because the material in each chapter builds on the material of the previous chapter. If you are an existing SolidWorks user, I strongly recommend s 2 and 5 because the interface has changed significantly since 2007. Even if you are a very experienced user, I recommend 5. The visualization techniques are things we all use on a constant basis in the software, and picking up even a small tip can add to your productivity dramatically.
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Figure 15-37: So much for the presentation: switch to Artists view and the list is presented in
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Dynamic-Range Optimization, Flash mode, and Memory. When this menu choice is selected by pressing the multi-selector s center button, the list of the 15 choices opens and can be navigated by using the multiselector. Once a new function is selected, pressing the multi-selector s center button assigns the new menu to the Custom button.
File, Print, and Storage Services
until the screensaver works exactly as you want.
Traditional ways of separating signals in time using TDMA and in frequency ensurethat the signals are transmitted orthogonal in either time or frequency and hence they are noninterfering. In CDMA different users are separated employing a of waveforms exhibiting set good correlation properties, which are known as spreading codes. Figure 5.1 illustrates the principles of FDMA, TDMAand CDMA. Moreexplicitly, FDMA uses a fraction of the total FDMA frequency band for each communications link for the whole duration of a conversation, while TDMA uses the entire bandwidth of a TDMA channel for a fraction of the TDMA frame, namely forthe duration of a time slot. Finally, CDMA uses the entire available frequency band all the time and separates the users with the aid of unique, orthogonal user signature sequences. In a CDMA digital communications system, such as that shown in Figure 5.2, the data stream is multipliedby the spreading code, which replaces each databit with a sequence of code chips. A chip is defined as the basic element of the spreading code, which typically assumes binary values. Hence, the spreading process consists of replacing each bit in the original user s data sequencewith the complete spreading code. The chip is significantly rate higher than the data rate, hence causing the bandwidth of the user s data to be spread, as shown in Figure 5.2. At the receiver, the composite signal containing the spread dataof multiple users is multiplied by a synchronised version of the spreading code of the wanted user. The specific auto-correlation properties of the codes allow the receiver to identify and recover each delayed, attenuated and phase-rotated replica of the transmitted signal, provided that the signals are separated by more than one chip period and the receiver has the capability of tracking each significant path. This is achieved using a Rake receiver [ 5 ] that can process multiple delayed received signals. Coherent combination of these transmitted signal replicas allows the original signal to be recovered. The unwanted signals of the other simultaneous users remain wideband, having a bandwidth equal to that of the noise, and appear as additional noise with respect to the wanted signal. Since the bandwidth of the despread wantedsignal is reduced relative to this noise, the signal-to-noise ratio of the wanted signal is enhanced by the despreading process in proportion to the ratio of the spread and despread bandwidths, since
Instead of using an upgrade wizard, Microsoft instead developed the Vista Upgrade Advisor (see Figure 2.10). This tool is designed to help users or companies test their computers for Vista upgrade readiness. This battery of tests includes system information, application compatibility, current devices, and hardware configuration to help you decide which edition to use, as well as determine any hardware weaknesses. It s also a nice tool for home users to use as well! You can download it from the Windows Vista Get Ready Web site ( windowsvista/getready/default.mspx). The Upgrade Advisor is a quick download, which you then install and run! When you start the Upgrade Advisor, it displays a list of various features or user experiences as checkboxes. For example, if you are interested in using the Aero environment, or are interested in mobile computing, you
to achieve proper exposure based on the Metering mode. The shutter speed is set by using either the Front or Rear control dial.
Though the command options listed in the first set of brackets look the same as those for the noninteractive, or historical, version of the command, the remainder of the options are different. Interestingly, the only command argument that is not optional in the syntax shown above is the t (i.e., the time interval). There are no mandatory arguments for the historical version of the command. What this tells you is that, if you were to enter the command sar on a line by itself and hit the Enter key, you would not be invoking sar interactively. The interactive command allows you to store your output in a file with the -o option. This is not the same as redirecting output. Where redirecting output would send your ASCII output to a text file, storing data with the -o option stores the information in binary form, much the same as the data that sar collects in data files. The syntax for the historical sar command is:
aaron@ubuntu-test:~$ sudo apt-get remove lynx [sudo] password for aaron: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following packages will be REMOVED: lynx 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded. After this operation, 45.1kB disk space will be freed. Do you want to continue [Y/n] (Reading database ... 102229 files and directories currently installed.) Removing lynx ...
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