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Working with Drawing Views
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form a long rope. The problem is reduced to surrounding the largest area against the seashore with a given length of rope. Which of these arrangements of the rope shown in Fig. 12.17 will enclose the greatest area It is not difficult to conclude that sharp angles in the rope will not be efficient: given an angle as in the left-hand diagram of Fig. 12.18, we can increase the area slightly, and make a smooth curve with the same perimeter but greater area. But what smooth curve is best The clue lies in the discovery of Pappus (c. AD 300) that, of all closed curves with a given perimeter, the circle has the largest area. The elegant trick which goes with this clue is to reflect the curve which we suppose to be a maximum, in the shore line, to obtain just a closed curve (Fig. 12.19). The perimeter of this closed curve is fixed, at double the length of the rope. Its area, and therefore half of its area, will be a maximum when it is a circle, and therefore when one half of it is a semicircle. Fig. 12.19
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ne big complaint from bloggers who have highly trafficked blogs is that WordPress doesn t scale. In fact, if you visit social networking sites like, you will undoubtedly find people who talk about WordPress as being poorly written software that won t last online. Out of the box, WordPress is effective for probably 99 percent of blogs with no additional work required. However, with a good, sound caching strategy, you can ensure that WordPress can scale to handle increasingly large amounts of traffic. Typically, when looking at WordPress scaling requirements for clients, I consider three primary levels of caching: the software layer (WordPress), the core software layer (PHP and MySQL), and the infrastructure level (server hardware and network layout). Implementing solutions in some or all of these caching zones may be enough to keep everything ticking along smoothly. But if you fail to put effective caching mechanisms into place before trying to sustain a major influx in traffic, you could encounter significant headaches down the road.
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A few high-end gamer cards have 640MB or 768MB of RAM, but most max out at 512MB. What s important for best game performance are more robust, high-end GPUs that run at higher clock rates and faster video memory.
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Basic Setup Checklist
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Today s networks are heterogeneous. There seems to be a steady migration of resources. Big (and even bigger) Sun servers are moving into our computer rooms, and a mix of clients is moving into our offices and cubicles. This chapter attempts to describe some strategies for managing this mixed environment, especially for making decisions with regard to Windows systems to make them more amenable to being managed. What we probably need most are integrated tools that make it possible to manage Windows PCs, along with other non-Unix systems, from a central system. Network management tools with agents that run on these clients may provide some of this control, but at a hefty price tag. In the interim, a careful sharing of resources may start the evolution toward a manageable coexistence. We discovered, in our struggles with taming out-of-the-box Windows 2000 systems, that the only hope of making them manageable is to add a collection of tools. The Windows 2000 Resource Kit is a must. Besides this, we strongly recommend that you install Perl; many versions of Perl5 are available for Windows 2000 systems. We also recommend that you look into using pcANYWHERE or VNC to allow you to remotely take over control of the GUI when remote options don t cut it. Learning to manage Windows 2000 systems as well as you can your Solaris systems is going to be a learning experience. In time, we expect tools will emerge that will take advantage of the Windows 2000 primitives and hand us the steering wheel. In the interim, beef up your toolkit and be prepared for some hard work. The most encouraging change from our users perspective is undoubtedly the introduction of GNOME as an alternate desktop for Solaris. The GNOME desktop provides a suite of applications in what we believe is the most easy to manage desktop environment available today. In the mixed Linux/Solaris environment, the introduction of GNOME into Solaris promises something of a return to homogeneity.
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Working with Specialized Functionality
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Using Subassemblies
from the small-signal value. This may be caused by in-band interference or blocking signals that cannot be filtered out before reaching the LNA input. This point is usually defined at the input power for which the gain of the amplifier has rolled off 1 dB, and sets the blocking dynamic range (BDR). Figure 9.19 also shows the useful figure of merit called the intermodulation intercept point (IP3) that is calculated as the point at which the extrapolated thirdorder intermodulation product would become equal to the output power. This figure of merit describes the output power of the fundamental relative to the third-order intermodulation over the entire curve up to where the fundamental starts to compress (at the P 1 dB point). The input-referred intercept point (IIP 3 ) is the input power at which the extrapolated IMD 3 is equal to the output power, and the output-referred intercept point (01P 3 ) is equal to that value of output power where the two curves meet. The usefulness of this figure of merit is that the ratio of output power to third
Splitting with a surface body
When configuring SQL Server for C2-level security, enabling the C2 Audit Mode property ensures that SQL Server will refuse to continue if it is unable to write to the security-audit log. The property can be set with the following code and may not be set from within Management Studio:
Another extraordinarily useful, though unendorsed tool from Sun, the SE Toolkit can be thought of as a performance engineer looking over your shoulder. In fact, this tool was created by two such engineers (Richard Pettit from Foglight Software and Adrian Cockcroft from Sun) and provides insights on various aspects of your system without you having to do much of anything at all. Of course, if you want to, you can delve deeply into the tool. It is, after all, a toolkit. That means you can use it as a basis for creating other tools for analyzing your systems performance and, indeed, a number of people have. The tool, as the output below suggests, monitors many aspects of your system and makes recommendations. Overloaded disks, memory shortages, and network load will not escape your notice and the advice offered may help you decide how to best upgrade your systems or your network to achieve better performance.
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