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3. From the window with the open part, click the Make Drawing from Part button from the toolbar. The drawing becomes populated with three standard views and an isometric view, as shown in Figure 21.31.
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4.19 The re ector is being used to add light to the right side of the bride and her maid of honor.
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Modern HTML: xHTML
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Understanding and Using RSS
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There are times when you may want to reorder items in the assembly tree. For example, you may want to place items close to one another in the tree, or you may be preparing to put items that are next to one another into a single folder. You may want to reorganize components for the BOM display. You can reorder mates simply by dragging them. Mates display in the order in which they are created, but the order is not significant. They can be reordered however you like. Components also display in the order in which they are added to the assembly, and you can reorder them in any way you like.
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Inside Scoop
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The speed of communications is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue. Edward R. Murrow (1908 1965), U.S. broadcaster and journalist
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Wireless Communications
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So that provides a simple way to quickly switch between ringing and vibrating: Just tap a volume key and then tap the Volume button in the onscreen volume overlay. It s the perfect solution for those times when you need to quickly turn off the ringer. But what if you want to switch to a third mode, Silent In this case, the phone would neither ring nor vibrate. To understand the secret behind this feature, read on: It can be found in the Ringtones and Sounds settings page, which is described shortly.
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Messages (L3 PDUs). The most signi cant layer 3 signaling messages are shown in Table 13.3-8. Order messages perform a variety of functions based on the value of the order quali cation code (ORDQ) information element. Examples of Order functions are shown in Table 13.3-9.
TABLE 3.7-1 Public Of ce Dialing Plan (U.S.) Type of Number (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) Intra-NPA call Inter-NPA call International call Operator-assisted national call Operator-assisted international call LEC operator IXC operator Special numbers Inter-LATA call with speci ed carrier Service access codes (DTMF phones) Service access codes (dial-pulse phones) Dialing Pattern EC(3) LN(4) 1 AC(3) EC(3) LN(4) 011 (7 to 15 digits) 0 AC(3) EC(3) LN(4) 01 (7 to 15 digits) 0 00 N11 101 CIC 1 AC(3) SN(7) XX or 7X# 11XX or 7X
Installing a laser printer has become a fairly easy job; the most complex part of it is installing the toner cartridge. The following sections walk through a typical laser printer setup, provide a few configuration tips, and take a closer look at toner cartridge ins and outs.
Figure 1.12: m-stage shift register with linear feedback.
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