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used in this text. He acknowledges the permission that PANalytical has given him to use the diagrams (Figures 5.5.1, 5.5.3 and 5.5.4). The analytical data (Table 5.5.3) were supplied by the courtesy of Dr Simon Milner of PANalytical B.V.
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As we discussed earlier in this chapter, a dual boot installation can be a worthwhile compromise if you have a powerful enough computer. If you have a dual boot configuration, Windows gives you the choice at startup of selecting between installed operating systems. Dual boot, also known as side-by-side, installation is a great way for you to test Windows Vista without losing the comfort and safety of a working
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Using a Local Distributor
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Figure 5.3.18 The Metallurgist Pro model. (With permission of Thermo Noran)
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Control Plane User Plane
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Some of us old-timers prefer to use the keyboard over the mouse. If your hand-eye coordination is as bad as mine, you may also choose this approach. I can type without looking at the keyboard, but when I use the mouse, it takes me a few seconds to aim at an icon and hit it accurately. This means that I customize SolidWorks to use as many hotkeys as possible, and remove icons from the interface if I have them on a shortcut. Unfortunately, my memory is as bad as my eyesight, and so remembering 75 hotkey commands is a bit of a problem. I admit to having a printed list of hotkeys taped to the side of my monitor. While I know that needing to read the list to find a particular hotkey defeats most of the purpose of using them in the first place, I just accept it as a learning aid. I generally do not advocate trying to standardize a hotkey scheme across multiple users, unless the users all agree to it. The underlying reason for writing a section entitled Hotkey Approaches is that everyone remembers things differently in the first place, and people have different tolerance levels for various irritations. Any command that I use more than a few times an hour is worth assigning to a hotkey. I like to use alliteration when assigning keys to help with my faulty memory. Most-frequently used commands are assigned single-letter hotkeys, and less-frequently used commands are assigned combinations. Thus, Tools Options is linked to O, Measure to M, Select Vertex to Shift+V, and Curve Projected to Ctrl+J (Ctrl+P is the Windows standard for the Print command). Other people like to group keys into easy-to-reach combinations, and so the Q, W, A, S, Z, and X keys are often assigned first for right-handed mouse users.
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Creating and Using Libraries
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Dual Boot with Mac: Using Boot Camp
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There are potential data troubles that go beyond data types, nullability, and check constraints. Just as MS Word s spelling checker and grammar checker can weed out the obvious errors but also create poor (or libelous) literature, a database can only protect against gross logical errors. Publishers use manuals of style and style guides for consistency. For example, should Microsoft be referred to as MS, Microsoft Corp., or Microsoft Corporation in a book or article The publisher s chosen style manual provides the answer. Databases can also benefit from a data style guide that details your organization s preferences about how data should be formatted. Do phone numbers include parentheses around the area codes Are phone extensions indicated by x. or ext. One way to begin developing a style guide is to spend some time just looking at the data and observing the existing inconsistencies. Having done that, try to reach a consensus about a common data style. Picking up a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style will also provide some ideas. There s no magical right or wrong style the goal is simply data consistency.
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Part II: The New and Improved Windows 7 User Experience
This leads to the saddlepoint approximation gn ( t )(Daniels, 1954):
into the way that Active Directory logical and physical components operate. Active Directory is found specifically in a part of the security subsystem called the Directory Service module, which is part of the Local Security Authority (LSA). Figure 2.1 shows the overall architecture of the Windows 2000 showing the components that comprise the ActiveDirectory. Windows 2000, like most well-designed operating systems, is comprised of modular blocks of code. These individual components are responsible for a given task or function in the operating system. Within the Directory Service module exist subcomponents such as agents, the database layer, the extensible storage engine (ESE), NT File System (NTFS) version 5.0, and logical component information on the schema,
The various types of installations of SolidWorks are fairly straightforward and easy enough for the average user to accomplish. You need to observe some general conditions before installing.
1 Perform Steps 1 to 5 on the
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