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Figure 16-5: Searching for the Compiz applications.
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A certain portion of the preparation for JumpScript installation is, undoubtedly, already part of your network configuration. Most likely, for example, you already have
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Make tagging and bookmarking easy: Don t make users try to figure out how to add your blog or site to their content feed. Instead, make it easy by a function that generates the necessary URL or code for visitors to add you to their important links. There are tools available to help with this, including the RSS Button Maker: http://www.toprankblog .com/tools/rss-buttons/. Reward inbound links: People who link to you want something in return. If you can provide a link to them in your blog, blogroll, or some other area of your web site, people and companies will be much more likely to link to you. Just remember to keep the links into and out of your site directly related to the topic of the site. Help your content travel: Having traveling content means having content that can be accessed from another site easily. If you have content that many people will be interested in, consider making that content available in PDF format or as an audio or video file. Then when users want to spread your content, it will be easy for them to do. Encourage the mashup: A mashup is a web application that combines data from more than one source into an integrated experience for your site users. For example, if you make it possible for others to embed your content in their blog or web site in exchange for a link back to you, you ll find that your popularity climbs faster than if you won t let them move your content from one place to another. Be a user resource, even if it doesn t help you: Today s Internet users, and most especially those users who participate in social media and social networking, will expect you to provide information that is useful to them. If you re not providing that information, they ll go to someone who is. So, call it being a Good Resource Ambassador, but try to help people without expecting anything in return. Your returns will come just because your actions proved your site s worth. Reward helpful and valuable users: Helpful and valuable users will be the best help you can have as you re working with your social-media optimization. Find a way to reward those users so they ll continue to be helpful. Participate: If you don t participate, your thoughts and opinions will not be welcomed in a social-media network for long. If you re going to leverage the power of social media, you have to be willing to participate. Know how to target your audience: Audiences can be tough. If you approach the wrong audience with the wrong message, you ll be slaughtered in the court of opinion. Before you make that kind of mistake, take the time to learn who you ll be in the community with. Create content: Content is one key to social-media marketing. If you make it a point to create fresh, unique content regularly, visitors will come to you because they know they can find the information they need. Be real: Social networkers can spot a fake nearly as quickly as they could spot a threedollar bill. Don t try to con your audiences. Eventually, they ll catch on and annihilate you. Be who you are. That will get you much further than being what you think others want you to be. Don t forget your roots, be humble: When you participate regularly in social media, you may find yourself in the position of being considered an expert. Many people will let
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LS= 5.25 pH (as if LS does not exist). LS= 5.25 nH (RS=13.06 , Q=10). LS= 5.25 nH (RS=13.06 , Q=10), CP= 1.2 pF. LS= 5.25 nH (RS=13.06 , Q=10), CP= 1.2 pF, LS1= 7.8 nH(Rs=19.4 for Q=10, additional Rs=5.6 ), CS1= 0.24 pF. LS= 5.25 nH (RS=13.06 , Q=10), CP= 1.2 pF, LS1= 7.8 nH(Rs=19.4 for Q=10, additional Rs=5.6 ), CS1= 0.24 pF, Lp1= 2 nH(RS=11.98 for Q=10, additional Rs=5.02 ), CP1= 0.8 pF.
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assigned to an individual and it will be designed and verified to its configuration item (CI) specification. It will be statused by the project as a deliverable entity. The LCI may also be the lowest replaceable unit (LRU).
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If SQL Server is set to dynamic memory, then SQL Server s memory footprint can grow or be reduced as needed within the minimum and maximum constraints based on the physical memory available and the workload. SQL Server will try to maintain its requirement and 4 to 10MB extra memory. The goal is to have enough memory available while avoiding Windows having to swap pages from memory to the virtual-memory support file (pagefile.sys). The minimum-memory property prohibits SQL Server from reducing memory below a certain point and hurting performance, but it doesn t set the initial memory footprint. The minimum simply means that once SQL Server has reached that point, it will not reduce memory below it. The maximum-memory setting prevents SQL Server from growing to the point where it contends with the operating system, or other applications, for memory. If the maximum is set too low performance will suffer. Microsoft Search Engine, used by SQL Server for full-text searches, is also memory-intensive. If you are doing a significant amount of full-text searching, be sure to leave plenty of memory available for Search Engine. The official formula from Microsoft is Total virtual memory (SQL Server maximum virtual memory + virtual memory requirements of other services) 1.5 times the physical memory For example, for a server that has 192MB of physical memory, allowing 96MB for SQL Server and 64MB for Search Engine, the total virtual memory must be greater than 288MB (physical memory times 1.5) plus 160MB (SQL Server and MS Search planning memory), for a total of 448MB required virtual memory. Because the server has 192MB of physical memory, the virtual-memory support file must be at least 252MB to meet the requirements set by the formula. In other words, the more physical memory in the server, the larger the swap file required.
FIGURE 9.4 Variables for the hole pattern
Creating a replica domain controller.
Scheduled polling notification is simple to configure and works for non-SQL Server data sources, but only recognizes when new rows have been added to the table. If update-only transactions are common against a table, combine polling with the periodic rebuild option to incorporate missed updates.
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