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Mean Carried Teletraffic (Erlang/km2/MHz)
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This chapter discussed the Ruby programming environment supported by Ubuntu. You can use Ruby to create shell scripts, embedded web pages, and full-featured dynamic web applications. The Ruby on Rails project automatically generates application framework code for handling standard operations on database tables. The chapter walked through the steps of installing Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) on your Ubuntu workstation or server, then discussed the various features of the Ruby scripting language. The chapter closed out by demonstrating the power of the Ruby on Rails framework by showing just how easy it is to get the core of a full-featured web application up and running, without having to write a single line of code. The next chapter continues with the web programming theme by discussing another popular web-based programming language, PHP. The PHP programming language provides a simple interface to get you started in dynamic web programming and is relatively easy to install and get running in Ubuntu.
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Merged faces
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Fig. 9.17
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Restoring the Entire PC
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Using Masters
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Windows Live Movie Maker does not provide a way to really fine-tune the trim. You can t, for example, move the scrubber one frame at a time. What you can do while trimming, however, is maximize the size of the Preview pane by using the resizer control and dragging it all the way to the right. When you do this, the scrubber bar expands as well, making it easier to make finer edits.
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Channel Models
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There is not enough room to cover how all these hooks work and it is expected that you are a developer who is familiar with the hook system and can find the usage in the WordPress code. n
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Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
systems made by different vendors. The OSI model organizes the communications process into a system of layers. OSI has become the foundation model for many frameworks in both software and computer hardware engineering. The OSI model is also referred to as the OSI stack .
embedded DLCs will be decommissioned and replaced either with newer versions that have both copper and ber interfaces or with ber optics to the premises. While the data rate increases at the T1C and T2 levels, the carrier reference frequency increases, and issues of signal attenuation and crosstalk over copper twisted pair increase. This fact creates special engineering problems, which can be resolved by various means, including spacing repeaters ever more closely together. At the higher levels of T3 and T4 and the higher associated signaling speeds, these issues cannot be resolved satisfactorily. Therefore, these higher levels run over ber optics, Free Space Optics (FSO), or microwave. Above T1, additional multiplexing is required. In the case of T2, the mux is termed an M12 (Multiplex T1 to T2). As mentioned in the above discussion of DLC and SLC-96, a T2 runs at 6.312 Mbps and comprises four T1s at 1.544 Mbps apiece, plus 132 kbps of overhead and justi cation, or bit stuf ng, to adjust for variations in the clocking rates of the incoming T1s. The following set of simple equations builds the logic for the signaling speed from a single DS-0 channel to a T1 and then a T2: 64 kbps 24 channels = 1.536 Mbps payload 1.536 Mbps + 8 kbps framing = 1.544 Mbps signaling speed 1.544 Mbps 4 = 6.176 Mbps 6.176 Mbps + 136 kbps overhead = 6.312 Mbps At the T2 level, the overhead comprises a total of 168 kbps, including T1 framing. That comes to approximately 2.7 percent, leaving the effective payload at 97.3 percent assuming that the DS-0s are clear 64-kbps channels packed with raw user data. If, however, bit robbing comes into play, each of those channels is reduced to only 56 kbps and the effective payload drops to 5.376 Mbps (56 kbps 24 4), or 85.17 percent. T2 originally was developed for digital carrier applications of 500 miles or less, primarily between metropolitan areas. Traf c levels long since have grown well beyond the capabilities of T2, and it has been replaced with T3 or higher speed Synchronous Optical NETwork (SONET) facilities, which I discuss in 9. At the T3 level, an M13 mux gets involved. Actually T3 begins by multiplexing four T1s into a T2, as discussed above and illustrated in Figure 7.13. Then seven
Figure 12-4: The Windows 7 Pictures library displays picture content from two physical folder locations in a single place.
Figure 15-51: Various collections of music can be written to disc from Media Center, enabling you to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go.
Pulling the point to create a freeform shape from the existing face
Examining the lock screen, Start screen, and All Programs List
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