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Goodbye hardware profiles, hello Mobility Center
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Other Solaris Firewalls
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Terminating a Connection
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The receiver would normally perform matched ltering by pulse-shaping ltering followed by a sampler at the output, operating at the symbol rate of 1/T samples/s. This is an optimal way to process r(t) in the absence of frequency-selective fading, in which the received waveform is continually changing, and the matched ltering with the pulse-shaping lter does not provide optimum ltering. Because f (t) and hence g(t) are bandlimited, it is also possible to pass r(t) through an ideal low-pass lter followed by a sampler operating at the Nyquist rate. In this manner the matched ltering can be deferred to a subsequent digital processor. The sampled output is r(t)|t=n/2f0 =
Merge Replication
Quantized transform coefficients
Figure 25.3 shows the Line Format toolbar along with the interfaces for Line Color, Line Thickness, and Line Style.
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