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A computer that wants to communicate with another computer in the same zone
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Figure 9.1. The Network and Sharing Center lets you handle a lot of features, perhaps even too many for one screen.
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1. Begin with a circle with a diameter of one inch, drawn on the Top plane, and extruded using the Mid-plane option one inch. 2. Start the Hole Wizard without any pre-selection, either through the Features toolbar or by selecting Insert Features Hole Wizard. 3. Set the interface to use an ANSI inch, one-quarter-inch, and counterbored hole for a socket head cap screw. Use Through All for the End Condition, and a Normal fit, with a .100-inch head clearance (in the Options panel), and no custom sizing changes. These settings are shown in Figure 17.4.
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When you start to place a note, a preview shows the text box with or without a leader depending on the position of the cursor. If the cursor is over a blank section of the drawing, the note is placed without any leader. If the cursor is over a face, edge, or vertex, then a leader is added using the arrow controlled by the settings at Tools Options Document Properties Arrows Attachments. By default, a leader attached to a face uses a dot as an arrow, and a leader attached to an edge, sketch entity, or nothing at all uses a regular arrow. You can change these defaults at the options location mentioned above, and you can change individual note leaders in the PropertyManager that becomes available when you select a note. Figure 22.3 shows the preview that is displayed by the cursor when you place a note over a face, over an edge, and over blank space on the drawing. You can also change settings for bent leaders in the Tools Options Document Properties area. It is recommended that you use the same bent leader lengths for all annotations, and save them in the templates that you use.
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span.attribution { font-style: italic; } a { color: #336699; }
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Fig. 12.47
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The ADO.NET DataReader is a forward-only client cursor. It can be loaded into a DataTable if needed. The DataAdapter includes methods to insert, update, and delete data from the DataSet s DataTable back to the database.
The variation of the threshold voltage, V11. of a FD SO1 MOSFET as a function of back-gate bias, VG , is presented in Figure 5.7. 2 In an AM MOSFET the accumulatior threshold voltage is equal to the front flatband voltage: Vth = 4 )MSI- (Qox1C o ) -- Vfbl; however, there exists a second 0 drain current component (body current) that flows through the body of the device and is dependent on the back-gate bias. As, a result, the back-gate dependence of the threshold voltage of an AM device resembles that of a FD, enhancement-mode 32 device. 5.3.4 Body Effect
I have worked for organizations where this type of gridlock effectively shut down projects. One that comes to mind was a decentralized organization comprised of several IT divisions. A massive undertaking was begun to develop a corporate intranet that would house useful tools and applications for the user community. Eight months passed, and after countless meetings and torturous teleconferences, no decision could be reached as to the content and format of the navigation bar that would serve as the header of every page. This senseless barricading can drag a project out for eternity and frustrate even the most patient of team members. Do everything possible to avoid these fortified positions and work toward the common goal of bringing the project to fruition. It is the job of IT to serve the customer (the end user), and when this situation occurs, it is the customer who suffers the most!
Coordinate Systems in SolidWorks are primarily used for import and export, but can also be used for mating, mass properties, and other purposes. Coordinate Systems are usually located by a point to determine location or a set of edges to determine direction. Figure 3.37 shows the PropertyManager for assigning a coordinate system, along with the Export Options dialog box, which you can access from the Save As dialog box when the Files of Type drop down is set to an export format. To use the coordinate system when saving as a translated file type such as IGES or Parasolid, click the Options button, as shown in Figure 3.37; at the bottom of the Export Options dialog box, a selection box for Output coordinate system appears. To use the coordinate system with mass properties, choose Tools Mass Properties from the menu, and then select the Output coordinate system, as shown in Figure 3.38.
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