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Figure 24-20: Choose the top option to restore your entire PC.
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1. Open a new sketch on the large face opposite from the groove. Draw a rectangle picking up the automatic coincident relation to one corner and then dragging across the part and picking up another coincident to the edge on the opposite side. Figure 4.7 shows the rectangle before and after this edit.
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When you start creating a weldment, SolidWorks automatically creates a derived configuration. Both configurations are named Default, but they have different descriptions. The parent configuration description is As Machined, and the derived, or indented, configuration description is As Welded. This arrangement holds true for any additional top-level configurations that you create in the part; they will all get the description As Machined and inherit an identically named derived configuration with the description As Welded. These configurations are meant to help you create drawings where the raw weldment is distinguished from the weldment after it has been machined, ground, and drilled.
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Namespace Architecture
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While the new Videos library is the primary movie management tool in Windows 7, there are other ways in which you can manage videos. Believe it or not, one is Windows Live Photo Gallery. Why Microsoft didn t choose to name this Windows Photo and Movie Gallery is unclear, but the fact remains that you can organize and manage (and even play) virtually all of the digital video on your system with this tool. Although we describe this application in detail in 12, it may be worth a short side trip here to discuss how it works with digital movies specifically. Windows Live Photo Gallery is not actually included with Windows 7 for legal reasons, but is instead made available for free on the Web as part of the Windows Live Essentials suite ( Because we consider Windows Live Essentials a key part of the Windows 7 experience, this chapter, like the rest of this book, assumes that you or your PC maker has installed the suite. Remember, no Windows 7 PC is complete without Windows Live Essentials.
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The SolidWorks Help file is also called the Online Users Guide. It contains most of the information that you need to find out how a function works. There are topics for which searchability is poor, or when topics do not appear under expected headings, but this is the exception rather than the norm. It is more common to find that some features are poorly documented or not documented at all. For example, when looking up the significance of the Engage Belt option in the Belt/Chain sketch function described in 4, SolidWorks Help merely states, Engage belt. Clear to disengage the belt mechanism, which is not at all helpful to the user. It turns out that Engage belt means that when one pulley turns, all of the pulleys should turn as if they were all physically joined by a belt. However, some functions, such as sheet metal bend allowances and the referenced documents search routine, are extraordinarily well documented.
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When you think of sharing with regard to PCs on home networks, you generally mean two types of resources: files and printers. For a long time, Microsoft has supported sharing these types of resources in various ways, but there was always a level of complexity involved. In Windows 7, there s a better way. And while it requires two or more PCs in your home to be using Windows 7, the result is worth it: HomeGroup sharing makes sharing documents, music, pictures, video, and other files, as well as printers, easier than ever.
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screen saver will appear. (See Figure 2-8.) Move the mouse to return to the Screen Saver Settings dialog box.
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As in V5.1, signaling for call control of ISDN lines is carried in D-channel messages (Ds-data), passed semitransparently through the V5.2 interface. The V5.2 protocol stack is shown in Fig. 6.5-1.
Installing such devices is generally a trivial task: Plug em in, follow the instructions for adding any necessary software, and go. You don t even have to crack open the computer s case. Just don t expect top speed: the PC Card interface isn t going to let you run as fast as a PCI slot would, and parallel-port devices only merit your consideration if you re connecting fairly slow peripherals.
since it may fail to have a derivative. To see what is going on, put u,= (- log g) (zz). i = 0,1, with x, as in Example 4.2. If F puts pointmasses E, at x,,then a straightforward calculation shows that A( F ) still has (possibly different) one-sided derivatives at t = 0; in fact X (+O; F)- A (-0; F)= EOUO - E1U1. (4.81)
We now describe some simple algorithms. They are quite effective. The computing effort for large matrices is typically less than twice what is needed for calculating the ordinary least squares solution. Both calculations are dominated by the computation of a QR or SVD decomposition of the X matrix, which takes 0 ( n p 2 )operations for an (n:p)-matrix. Since the result of that decomposition can be re-used, the iterative computation of the M-estimate, using pseudo-values, takes 0 ( n p ) per iteration with fewer than 10 iterations on average. These algorithms alternate between improving trial values for 8 and 8, they and decrease (7.100). We prefer to write the latter expression in the form (7.113) where po(0) = 0 and a > 0. The equations (7.101) and (7.102) can then be written (7.1 14) (7.115)
Server-Side Development
dielectric and can be screened effectively by applying voltages in excess of normal operating potentials during manufacturing testing. Cases B and C involve tunneling between the floating gate and the substrate. These can also be screened during production testing. However, there are complications in devices that experience high levels of hot-hole injection into the oxide, typically those that erase via FN tunneling into the substrate. The resultant SILC, described in the endurance section, causes greatly enhanced disturb sensitivity. It is impractical to screen for disturbs caused by SILC, but the effect can be characterized and the cell operating conditions designed to avoid failure. The design of any nonvolatile array requires careful analysis of all the possible disturbs for the approach chosen followed by characterization of the mechanisms to assess the magnitude of the effects. Screens may be required during manufacturing to reject cells that have excessive disturb currents arising from fabrication anomalies. The interested reader is directed to IEEE STD-1005 for a detailed discussion.
Setting Up a New Connection or Network
The Hinge mate is just a shortcut for making a Concentric and a Coincident mate, but it does it all in a single feature, in a single interface. Figure 13.19 shows the PropertyManager interface for the Hinge mate.
Fig. 5.35 Readers who do not wish to tackle a knight's tour on the full chessboard might like to try the smaller board shown in Fig. 5.35. (a) How can a knight starting at a square of your choice, visit every square once and only once (b) Why is it impossible on this board for a tour of 25 moves to finish on its starting square An additional query: how can knight's tour puzzles be represented by a diagram of dots and lines
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