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W ireless Communications, Second Edition Andreas F. Molisch 2011 John Wiley & Sons Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-470-74187-0
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1: Installing Windows Vista
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ps -o Options DESCRIPTION Real user ID associated with the process (text) Effective user ID (numeric) Real user ID (numeric) Effective group ID Real group ID Effective group ID (numeric) Real group ID (numeric) Process ID
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Adding to the Panel Menus
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PowerPoint provides a wide variety of options that enable you to customize how it works. Features such as Live Preview are found in General options. You can also change the user name, which PowerPoint logs into the properties of each presentation to identify who creates it. You can change these common options in the General tab of the PowerPoint Options dialog box.
From the Artists list, you can do one of two things: If you tap the Play icon to the left of an artist s name, Zune will begin playing all of the music you have on the phone made by that artist. (I look at the Now Playing interface later on, however.) Otherwise, you can tap an artist s name to drill in further. When you do so, Zune switches to a new view featuring that artist, which consists of several pivots: Albums, Songs, and Bio. Furthermore, for most artists, the background of the view will fill in with attractive imagery of that artist. This Artist view is shown in Figure 6-15. Here, the Albums list consists of all of the albums you have by that artist and, at the bottom, a Marketplace link. If you click this, the albums list will expand to reveal albums by that artist that are available on Zune Marketplace. If you don t have a Zune Pass, you can listen to samples and buy albums and songs. But if you do have a Zune Pass, you can often stream entire albums and songs, over the air.
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