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Part II
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The Undo button provides multiple levels of undo, so if you commit a number of changes, you can access its pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 12-49, to undo specific changes or multiple changes all at once.
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To create an Oracle publication you must first create a replication administrative user on your Oracle server. You will find a script to create this account with in C:\Program Files\ Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.X\MSSQL\Install\OracleAdmin.sql. Run this script using PL/SQL and enter the requested information (account name, password, and instance). Then you must enable your Oracle Server as a publisher. To do this, execute the following steps: 1. Connect with your SQL Server that is going to act as the distributor or perhaps even your distributor/subscriber. You will have to have configured this server as your distributor in advance. 2. Right-click on the Replication folder and select Distributor Properties. Select the Publisher tab. 3. Click the Add button and select Add Oracle Publisher. You will get a dialog box prompting you to log on to your Oracle Server. This dialog box looks very similar to the logon prompt you get when trying to log on to SQL Server via Management Studio. If you don t know your Oracle Server name you can click on the drop-down box for Server Instance and browse for your Oracle Server. 4. Click OK, and then click the Options button. 5. For authentication, select Oracle Standard Authentication, and enter the login and password of the replication admin account created above. Click Remember Password. Then click the Connection Properties tab, which contains two options: Gateway: Use this for high-performance replication solutions. Complete: Use this when you want to transform your data or do row filtering. 6. Make your selection and click Connect. Now that you have created a replication administrative user on your Oracle server, you can create your Oracle publication. To do so, execute the following steps: 1. Expand the Replication folder and right-click Local Publications. 2. Select New Oracle Publication; then expand the databases in the Replication folder. 3. Right-click the Local Publications folder and then click New Oracle Publication. 4. On the Oracle Publisher dialog box, select the Oracle Server on which you wish to create a publication, and click Next.
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Figure 11.6 shows the signal waveform and Figure 11.7 the signal space diagram. In equivalent baseband, the complex modulation symbols are j : ci = j bi so that the real part of the signal is Re{sLP (t)} = 0 and the imaginary part is Im{sLP (t)} = 2EB pD (t) TB (11.38) (11.37) (11.36)
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2. Dubois, M. A., Thin lm bulk acoustic wave resonators: A technology overview, Paper presented at MEMSWAVE 2003, Toulouse, France, July 2 4, 2003. 3. Besser, L. and Gilmore, R., Filters and resonant circuits, In Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems, Vol. I: Passive Circuits and Systems, Artech House, Norwood, MA, 2003. Reference 1 describes the design and performance of ceramic block lters. Reference 2 describes the design and performance of bulk acoustic wave lters. Reference 3 provides a background in RF lter design.
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Tag: comment_form_title() Description: Displays text based on the status of a comment reply. Returns: True or False Arguments: 3
Proposition 4.5 (UNIQUENESS)Assume that:
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FIGURE B.91 The Line Font options page
To test a product for ESD susceptibility, take the simulator and send ESD currents over the entire surface of the EUT. If the system does not react to the electromagnetic fields from the simulator, it is likely that the equipment will not respond to many types of unusual ESD that may be found in the field. An example of an ESD simulator is shown in Figure 7.13 with optional mounted antennas that enhance the ESD pulse transmitted to the system. Other Uses for ESD Simulators. The ESD simulator can obviously be used for performing ESD testing per the standard. It is also an excellent source for simulating and troubleshooting conducted and radiated immunity problems [15]. The ESD discharge energy is an excellent broadband noise generator. If the cost of purchasing EMC test equipment is a concern and for many individuals and companies, an ESD simulator is one of the few tools that provide extensive benefit for the value of money spent to procure this device. The ESD simulator can be used to perform ESD, EFT, conducted immunity, and radiated immunity preliminary testing and/or for troubleshooting known problems. For the price of one ESD tester, up to four tests can be performed. To utilize the ESD tester for non-ESD applications, simply tape a length of wire (~ 1 m long) to any cable or wire assembly in question and discharge the ESD tester to one end of the wire that was tape securely to the transmission line. Connect the ESD simulator return wire to the far end of the test wire. This essentially creates a short circuit between one end of the wire and the opposite end to the simulator. To improve the coupling of this transient energy charge into a wire or cable, apply aluminum foil to 1 m long to the taped wire assembly by wrapping the foil around the cable. This procedure can also be done to the AC power cord. Since the
As nice as the Web is, it is not the ideal platform for just any application. Tools for dynamic and interactive content on the Web are still evolving, and any tool that runs through a
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