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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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A headteacher, asked what pupils arrIVIng for their first day in secondary school should know about arithmetic, replied that they should be on friendly terms with the numbers from 1 to 100. How can you be on 'friendly terms' with numbers At the very least it suggests that you do not panic and start sweating at the sight of a sum, but more than that it implies an easy familiarity with them. You have met them before, you know some of their properties, you know at least some of the many relationships between them. You know quite a few facts about them, and maybe you have discovered some of these facts yourself. Many people keep a small store of number facts in their heads. A gross, 144, is a dozen dozen. The numbers 169 and 196 are both squares, of 13 and 14 respectively. You might remember that 16, 32, 48 and 64 used to be the numbers of ounces in 1 to 4 pounds weight. Now that we are decimalized, 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 are better known as powers of 2; computer buffs recognize these figures because they turn up in the descriptions of computer memories and in the labels of computers. The Indian genius Ramanujan was familiar with many more numbers, as G. H. Hardy discovered when he visited him in hospital. Hardy remarked that he had travelled in Taxi No. 1729, adding that the number seemed to him a rather dull one, and he hoped that this was not an unfavourable omen. Ramanujan replied at once, 'No, it is a very interesting number, it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways.' In fact, 1729 = 123 + 13 = 103 + 9 3 Anyone who works with numbers naturally acquires a stock of useful facts, as well as some apparently useless ones. Anyone might notice that the last single-digit number is 9, which is a perfect square, 3 x 3. Is this deeply significant No, it is more of an accident. However, you might also notice that numbers which are one less than perfect squares are the products of two whole numbers which differ by 2. For examle, 16 - 1 = 15, and 15 is 3 x 5. Similarly, 9 - 1 = 8 and 8 = 2 x 4, and also 36 - 1 = 35 and 35 = 5 x 7.
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Yahoo displays a smaller map that is the perfect size for a Web site.
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implicitly from the number of allocated RBs and the code rate (the standard contains a table providing this mapping, since there are minor deviations from the nominal rates obtained by closed-form computations). Precoding Matrix Indicator (PMI) for precoding: the bits in this eld contain the index of the precoding codebook for closed-loop multiple-antenna systems (see Section 27.3.7.). DL assignment index: it is related to the HARQ operation in the TDD mode; for details see the standard. Transport block to codeword swap ag: it indicates how the two transport blocks (in spatial multiplexing system) are mapped to the codewords. Open-loop precoding info: this eld indicates the type of open-loop precoding (e.g., details of the cyclic delay diversity) used in the transmission with multiple-antenna systems.
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If you re using Microsoft Windows, you ll have to download a separate MD5 program to calculate the MD5 sum of your ISO image files. A common open source MD5 program is the winmd5sum application, available for free download at products/winmd5sum. Just download the installation file from the link and install it on your Windows system. Figure 2-5 shows the winmd5sum program in action.
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Received input signal, Vi, AGC control signal, Vagc,
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that for a standard photomultiplier based GPSC. The recent development of VUV sensitive large area avalanche photodiodes (LAAPD), which are photodiodes with an intrinsic gain resulting from an avalanche process, allowed the development of high performance GPSCs. When the LAAPD is placed in the Xe environment, just in front of the scintillation region,45 an energy resolution of 7.9 % for 5.9 keV X-rays was obtained. However, LAAPDs have the inconvenience of having a gain rather sensitive to temperature uctuations.
5 Enter a bulleted list of a elements.
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The Logon Hours controls, shown in Figure 23-9, are available from the Account tab. By default, logon time is set to Always, meaning that users can log in whenever they want, but you may want to restrict this for several reasons. MCITY is set up to deny access to the domain controllers every Saturday night for about 12 hours. This is the time, once a week, when we power down the servers and perform maintenance. You may have a tighter security arrangement, for example, that only permits logon during working hours. To set logon hours, follow these steps: 1. On the Properties dialog box, select the Account tab and click the Logon Hours button. The Logon Hours dialog box opens. 2. To enable a user to log on at certain hours, click the rectangle on the days and hours for which you want to deny or permit a user logon time. The blue boxes denote logon times that are permitted, and the white boxes denote logon times that are denied. By default, the entire box is blue, indicating that logon is permitted all the time. 3. After you click OK and close the dialog box, the logon hours are saved.
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