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This tab of the Properties dialog box for the group contains elds for the general information that you need to add to the Group object. You can also change some of the information that you added as you created the group, as described in the following list: Group Name (Pre-Windows 2000). Enter the legacy Windows group name here. If the name that you provided as you set up the group later causes problems, you can edit it at any time. Description. Enter a brief description of the group. What you enter here appears in the Users and Computers snap-in Description column. E-mail. Enter an e-mail address for the group. Any e-mail sent to the group is distributed to its members. Group Scope. These radio buttons enable you to change the group scope. If the group is in a mixed-mode domain, the Universal scope option remains disabled. You cannot change a group s scope from Global to Domain Local and vice versa.
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Wireless Information Networks, Second Edition, by Kaveh Pahlavan and Allen H. Levesque Copyright 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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The Mate PropertyManager is the default method for applying mates, and was used briefly in 5. The Mate PropertyManager interface is shown in Figure 13.1. You can create mates by pre-selecting entities before applying the Mate command or selecting them after you open the Mate PropertyManager.
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When you connect your Windows Phone to the PC, the Zune PC software should run. If not, you can manually start the Zune application via the Windows Start menu or taskbar. When Zune has detected your phone, it will display a Phone entry in its main menu and, possibly, navigate to the Phone Summary screen shown in Figure 5-10.
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These settings include the following: Con ict Detection Attempts. Specify the number of times the server should attempt to detect address con icts before leasing an address to a client. Increase the value in situations where detection typically takes longer, such as in heavily saturated networks or when clients take longer to respond because they are operating in power-saving mode.
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The Mini toolbar is a floating, contextual formatting toolbar that appears when you make a selection on a slide. Either it appears automatically, or it appears when you use the submenu. The Mini toolbar contains the most commonly used formatting commands for the object you select. You can right-click an object to display the Mini toolbar. The Mini toolbar appears automatically if you click and drag across text in a placeholder.
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In GSM, multiaccess multiplexing increases the data rate from 22.8 to 182.4 kbit/s (8 22.8) for the standard case of eight participants. The addition of signaling information increases the data rate to 271 kbit/s. The baseband modulator assigns the gross data bits (user data and signaling at interface D) to complex transmit symbols in the baseband. Spectral properties, intersymbol interference, peakto-average ratio, and other properties of the transmit signal are determined by this step. The output from the baseband modulator (interface C) provides the transmit symbols in oversampled form, discrete in time and amplitude. Oversampling and quantization determine the aliasing and quantization noise. Therefore, high resolution is desirable, and the data rate at the output of the baseband modulator should be much higher than at the input. For a GSM system, an oversampling factor of 16 and 8-bit amplitude resolution result in a data rate of about 70 Mbit/s.
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29: Ruby
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FIGURE 21.13 A Broken-out Section view
15: External Devices
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