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DNS clients called resolvers submit queries to DNS servers to be resolved into IP addresses. Assuming, for example, that you want to connect to, www is the host name (or an alias to a different host name), and is the domain name. The resolver on your client computer prepares a DNS query for and submits it to the DNS server identi ed in your client computer s TCP/IP settings, which in this case we assume is a DNS server on your LAN. The DNS server checks its local cache (which stores results of previous queries) and database and nds that it has no records for Therefore, the DNS server submits a query to the root server for the .us domain. The root server looks up the domain and responds with the IP address(es) of the name servers for the domain. Your DNS server then submits a query to the speci ed DNS server for, which responds with the IP address of the host www. Your DNS server in turn provides this information to your resolver, which passes the data to your client application (in this case, a Web browser), and suddenly the site pops up on your browser. Mapping a host name or alias to its address in this way is called forward lookup. Figure 5-2 illustrates a forward-lookup request.
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the subscriber and allows two-way digital transmission in addition to television signals. Over 70% of all U.S. homes have been upgraded to the HFC architecture. Hi per LAN - High-Performance Radio LAN A suite of wireless LAN standards developed by the European Telecommunications and Standards Institute (ETSI). The latest standard, HiperLAN Type 2 (or HiperLAN 2), is very similar to the 802.lla extension but not compatible. HSO - Hotspot Operator A company that runs a hotspot public wireless LAN service.
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Finalizing and Making a Presentation
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Have you ever seen a large farm from the air From a few thousand feet up, farms look like orderly divisions of land. Each little square looks perfectly proportioned and perfectly laid out. That s exactly how link farms look. If you ve ever landed on a page with links ordered neatly around the page, and with little or no text explaining all of the various links, then you ve landed on a link farm. That s all they are, too collections of links that lead to other web sites, or sometimes off to other link farms. You ll hear this term often in SEO because link farms are not a good strategy for improving your search engine rankings. Search engines don t like link farms, because they offer no information that s of any value to the people who perform searches. And for that reason, link farms are usually delisted as soon as they re discovered. It s easy for you to get pulled into a link farm, thinking it s a legitimate link to your site. You ll usually receive some type of solicitation for you to place a link to one of these sites in return for a link to your site; it s even possible that you ll hear of an SEO firm that uses link farms in an attempt to artificially produce results that help them to charge you more. That s why it s wise to check closely the places where your links will be placed. If you receive a request for a reciprocal link, be sure you check to make sure that the page that will be displaying your link actually is a relevant web page that has some association with the topic of your page. If you check it out and find that what you re just being added to a collection of links on a page, many of which are unrelated, don t allow your link to be displayed there. You may not be the person who created the link farm, but your site can be delisted just as fast as the page for the link farm can if you provide a link back to the link farm. All they care is that someone is spamming the crawler, trying to make it believe something that s not true.
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Hubs re ect the trend toward star and away from bus con gurations. Hubs can be either active or passive. Passive hubs act simply as cable-connecting devices, while active hubs also serve as signal repeaters [2]. The rst generation of hubs (1984) acted as LAN concentrators and repeaters, with a single internal collapsed backbone bus for connecting like LANs. The second generation accommodated multiple LAN architectures (e.g., Ethernet and Token-Passing Ring) over separate ports, with rudimentary network management and con guration capabilities included as well [15].
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Review competitors sites (Look specifically for HTML tags like the title tag and meta tags.)
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Create a horizontal sketch relation between the origin and the center point of the slot. Add dimensions as shown in Figure 4.12.
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An example of how to add a Dashboard widget
SelectedImageIndex (Public Instance Property)
Picking the right graphics card
Figure 5.5 shows how Sesame serves as the central data repository for a number of tools in our knowledge management architecture as outlined in 1:
Change sense
That wasn t too exciting. That step simply creates an object file, ctest.o, containing the instruction codes for the assembly language program. If anything is wrong in the program, the assembler will let you know and identify the location of the problem in the source code:
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