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1: Introducing SolidWorks
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When you uncrate your E10000, there s a bit more work to be done than there is on your standard Enterprise machine, or its newer counterparts in the Sun Fire line. Planning is a necessity: You should know how you are going to configure your first domain or set of domains before the machine even arrives. Your domain is, of course, reconfigurable at any time, but planning will expedite machine setup immensely. The physical system is quite easy to get used to. There can be up to 16 system boards. Each side of the machine holds eight system boards and one control board, oriented vertically and arranged horizontally across the bottom of the system. You should have already discussed physical domain layouts on these boards with your Sun service rep, so we will gloss over this. Each domain must have not only the appropriate number of system boards (procs and memory) to support your application needs, but also the correct I/ O on these boards to allow for all of the disk and peripherals you will need. Because each board has four sbus slots, you should have plenty of room, unless you are partitioning your machine into a multitude of one-board domains. If dynamic reconfiguration is to be a goal on your E10K, a bit of work needs to be done to create a proper domain layout to support this feature. Because the Starfire uses system boards on which the I/ slots and CPU/memory components coexist, a priO mary board will always be present in your domain. This board cannot be dynamically reconfigured out of the running domain, because the kernel memory and boot disks will reside here. Although this is a limitation, additional boards within the same domain can be oriented such that the I/ layout will not impede the DR process. This O is accomplished by dual-porting any relevant I/ (such as SCSI-attached disk, network O connections, or Fibre Channel adapters) across multiple system boards and utilizing the multipathing features of Solaris to disable access to the impacted path during dynamic reconfiguration operations. While this will be discussed in more detail later, the best practice to keep in mind during system layout is that multiple physical paths to any I/O device is a necessity. The absolute minimum configuration for any domain would be one Quad [Fast] Ethernet (QFE) card. An array or a boot disk is recommended, but one could technically boot a domain over the network. In regard to networks, you will need to use two ports on your QFE for each domain to correctly set up the Starfire. One should plug in to your public network (i.e., where the rest of your machines reside) and the other into a private network. Sun provides two small four-port Ethernet hubs for this purpose, but most users find them utterly inadequate (they are literally $49 off-the-shelf 10baseT hubs). On our Starfires, we saw fit to replace them with 24-port 10/100 hubs. Though this may be overkill, the added potential capacity certainly will not be detrimental on a machine of this size. Plugged into this hub should be one Ethernet port
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Part V
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average, you ll need to devote at least a couple of hours a day to your ongoing SEO efforts, and at times, more than that will be required. In the time that you allot for ongoing SEO efforts, there are plenty of things to do. But it should all start with some form of position monitoring and web-site analytics. Position monitoring can usually be accomplished by a software application. But be careful, Google specifically calls the use of automated rank checkers a violation of its terms of service, and may disable your ability to connect to and do searches on Moderate use of such software probably won t be a problem. Many people use these tools to track their positions. So if you can t take time out of your schedule every day to look up the rank of your web site by keyword in every search engine you re targeting, an application to handle it could provide the position information you need. Monitoring your web analytics is also an important part of your ongoing SEO, because this is where you ll find information about where your site visitors are coming from, how long they re staying on your site, and what pages they visit while they re there. An analytics program should also tell you how many people bounce come to your site and leave immediately. A bounce is an indication that your site is not optimized properly. Visitors who bounce from your site are not finding what they thought they would find, based on the search engine results they clicked through. You may also want to monitor other portions of your SEO strategy. For example, monitoring keywords and links is always a good idea. Keywords can change. The popular term for something in your industry could be one thing today and something completely different tomorrow. You have to stay on top of trends in order to take advantage of them. Monitoring your links is a matter of making sure they lead exactly where you expect them to lead. You may also want to keep an eye on where links are coming to your site from. Incoming links could be damaging to you if they re coming from unrelated web sites, or if the sites they re coming from have been determined by search engines to be bad neighborhoods. A bad neighborhood is an unethical site or group of sites. As with monitoring your search rankings, monitoring links and keywords is also a task that lends itself to automation. A good software application can keep track of these elements of your SEO plan and let you know when you need to pay attention and improve your SEO efforts in one area or another. In addition to monitoring your links, you ll also want to add to links, and to content, over time. If you add hundreds of links to your site overnight, search engine crawlers will likely not be impressed. Instead, they ll look at those links with suspicion and might even make the assumption that you re spamming the search engine. If that happens, you ll be delisted from search rankings until you fix what you ve done wrong. It s far better to add links to your site a few at a time. You can add a few every day or every week, depending on how many people want to link to your site. However, if you try to add all your links on a single day, it s not going to look good for you.
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Check Your Presentation for Errors Checking your slides for details such as spelling, grammar, and typos can save you a lot of embarrassment at showtime. Use the presentation outline to review the text so you are not distracted by design elements. A person should not proofread his or her own work. Have a third party review the presentation. That person may catch errors that you miss.
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TABLE 15.1
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Edit video using Movie Maker 6
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20: DNS Server
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Installing Replica Domain Controllers
Next, create the motion of the sled around the track by using key points. Move the time bar to the next time you want to define the position of the sled, say 1 second, and then move the sled to the position it should be in at that time. You can use either simple dragging to get the part where it has to go, or you can use any of the options of the Move Component tool, shown in Figure 33.14. When you move around the corners, remember that the sled is not going to follow an arc path; it interpolates linearly between key points. You can, however, make it rotate and translate at the same time. To do this from the end of a straight section, drag the sled with the left mouse button (LMB) to its new location, and then rotate the part by dragging with the RMB to get it headed down the next straight section. It is also recommended to use more key points when changes in curvature are greater. So around the corners, it may work better if you can place key points more densely than along the straight sections. The assembly on the CD-ROM has an animation stored in it. You might want to check it out for reference.
Content Management Systems
The query method allows a full XQuery to return data within the relational select query:
Wireless Communications
Windows Vista kept another cool feature from the XP days the Switch user feature. This feature lets you toggle between user accounts on your computer without having to completely shut down your current session. By toggling users, you can safely switch to another account without fear of losing data. The Switch user feature puts one account on hold while you log into a different account. This is practical, for example, if you are working on a document for work and another family member needs to use the computer to quickly e-mail a file from their Documents folder. To toggle accounts, simply log off from the Start menu and select Switch User. Windows Vista displays the welcome screen and lets you select any available user account. After you are finished with the second account, go back to the Start menu and log off. Be sure not to shut down Inside Scoop
3. Hiroshi Konno and H. Yamazaki, Mean Absolute Deviation Portfolio Optimization Model and Its Applications to the Tokyo Stock Market, Management Science, Vol. 37, No. 5 (1991), pp. 519 531. 4. Portfolio Decisions, Inc., 5. Ben C. Ball and Sam L. Savage, Holistic vs. Hole-istic E&P Strategies, Journal of Petroleum Technology. Sept 1999.
The model after Step 9
Scenario Libraries: The Power Grid
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