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n Avoid using configurations to represent document control type revisions. I have seen people attempt to do this, but in the end, it limits the kinds of edits you can make to your parts and assemblies, and it is far too easy to make a mistake that wipes out all of your diligence. In the end, this is not a viable technique. n If you are working with manually created configs, then you should create a new configuration and activate it before making the changes. Otherwise, you will end up trying to set the original config back to the way it was. n Remember to select the This Configuration Only option for changed dimensions, instead of leaving it at the default All Configurations setting.
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(a) A bipolar single-ended block
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The Insert Bends method has been relegated mainly to duty for specialty functions. Gain an understanding of how this method works by following these steps:
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Setting apart the elements of an assembly Increasing performance by using SpeedPaks Organizing assemblies by using subassemblies Grouping parts and mates by using folders Showing names and descriptions with tree display options Employing helpful assembly tools Arranging assemblies tutorial Managing the FeatureManager tutorial
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Document-specific settings are an important part of the template, and it is probably best to get one size drawing completely set up the way you want it, and then create the other sizes from this drawing. This helps to ensure that the settings, such as bent leader length, font, and line weight, are the same for all of the templates. Uniform settings on drawings give them a consistent look, and make them easier to read. An in-depth discussion of document-specific settings at Tools Options Document Properties can be found in Appendix B.
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Internet TV
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
Task Manager is a great general tool, but the more you know about Windows, the more likely you are to start to wonder which processes are linked to other processes, and sometimes you may want to end a process in spite of Windows telling you that you re not allowed to bump it off. A freeware program called Process Explorer is available from It lets you end any process (whether you should end it is another question entirely) that you choose, displays a tree view of processes and associated DLLs, and does all this with an interface that is like Task Manager on steroids. If you are a tinkerer who really likes to get under the hood, Process Explorer is well worth checking out.
Step into the Real World
DBCC results for OBXKites . Service Broker Msg 9675, State 1: Message Types analyzed: 14. Service Broker Msg 9676, State 1: Service Contracts analyzed: 6. Service Broker Msg 9667, State 1: Services analyzed: 3. ... DBCC results for OrderPriority . There are 1 rows in 1 pages for object OrderPriority . DBCC results for ProductCategory . There are 8 rows in 1 pages for object ProductCategory . CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 0 consistency errors in database OBXKites . DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.
The user can specify an alternate virtual directory target during the setup process. The setup process creates a new virtual directory and configures the virtual directory for the Web Service.
Part III Developing with SQL Server
5 In the a element associated with each thumbnail img, add a standard URL reference to the fullsized image.
Tools, Options
Figure 20-5: Project level security is disabled by default. To enable project security, select Options from the Tools menu. Click the Project Security tab, and check the Enable project security check box. Select the desired default user properties for all projects (see Figure 20-6). The default rights are assigned to any new user that is created and they apply to all projects.
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