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File: This menu includes options to add a folder to Photo Gallery; import images from your digital camera or scanner; delete, rename, or copy digital images; or create screen saver settings using the images located in the Photo Gallery. Fix: Clicking this button opens the selected image in a larger editing screen, where you can choose to adjust its exposure and color, crop (cut out) part of the image, or fix any red-eye problems, if applicable. Note the Undo and Redo buttons at the bottom of the corrections column to the right of this screen. Use these buttons to flip back and forth between unsaved edits. (For more on the Fix command, see the Editing Photos and Images section later in this chapter.) Info: Clicking this button opens a panel to the right of the main Photo Gallery viewing area. Listed within this new panel are the details for the selected image. Such image details include the image s title, date and time created, file size, resolution, rating (by five-star standards), and its related tags (descriptive markers). Print: This feature allows you to either print the selected image(s) or order prints from an online vendor. E-mail: This button lets you easily attach the selected image(s) to an e-mail message. Simply highlight the image(s) you wish to share with others, click the E-mail button, and then click the Attach button in the pop-up dialog box. This opens the Windows Mail system. From here, you can send the images to your family, friends, or colleagues. Burn: Much like the Media Player and Windows Explorer Burn features, clicking this button allows you to save your digital images to an external media source by burning them to either a data disc (CD or DVD) or video DVD. Make a Movie: Clicking this button opens the Windows Movie Maker application. From this screen, you can drag and drop specific images into the Storyboard scenes located at the bottom of the window. You can also use the Tasks menus (located in the column to the left) to add effects, transition elements, movie titles, and credits. You can also import media sources from this menu as well as choose to publish the final product to your computer, a DVD, a CD, e-mail, or a digital camera. To preview your movie before publishing it, use the Play button beneath the preview window to see the finished product.
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Case Study Working with the president of a billion dollar division of a pharmaceutical company, I apprised him of the fact that several of his direct reports clearly were providing lip service to our project but were actually vigorously opposing it in reality. He correctly pointed out that it would be counterproductive to try to take up the issue based on my word against theirs, so I suggested a more objective test. We scheduled a meeting, during which the president took a position that was slightly cynical and directly questioned some of my suggestions. The vice presidents I had warned him about jumped to the bait like starving trout, and erupted with dozens of reasons why the project made no sense and should be scrapped. The president was convinced about what I had described, and worked one-on-one with each of the recalcitrant reports so as not to publicly embarrass them, but to make clear that the project would commence, preferably with them, but even without them. That was the turning point of that project, and wouldn t have been achieved without the relationship that the president and I had developed.
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Installing Windows Server 2008
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A conservative scenario, where the maximum acceptable value for the call blocking probability, PS, is 3%, for the call dropping probability, P F T ,is l%, for Plowis l%, and for the GOS is 4%. A lenient scenario, where the maximum acceptablevalue for the call blocking probability, PS, is 5%, for the call dropping probability, P F T , l%,for Plowis 2%, and for is the GOS is 6%.
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Feature order is important with features like chamfers and fillets because of how they both tend to propagate around tangent edges. Although you can turn this setting off for both types of feature, it is best to get the correct geometry by applying the features in order. n
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Often the hardest part of an Ubuntu installation is finding enough disk space on a system to install it. If you re converting a workstation into an Ubuntu-only workstation, that shouldn t be an issue. However, if you want to keep your existing Windows workstation setup and add Ubuntu, that can take some work. Because it is a common setup, the next section discusses how to prepare your Windows PC for installing Ubuntu in a dual-boot environment.
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The icons in the Sketch Text PropertyManager are self-explanatory, other than the Rotated Text option, which rotates individual letters, and not the whole string of text. You can use the Sketch Text tool multiple times in a single sketch to make pieces of text with different properties. Each string of text has a placement point located at the lower left of the text. This point can be given sketch relations or dimensions to locate the text. If the text overlaps in places, as shown in Figure 6.12, you can correct this in a couple of ways. First, you can extrude it with the Merge option unselected so that each letter is created as a separate solid body. You can also explode sketch text so that it becomes simply lines and arcs in a sketch, which you can edit the same as any other sketch. You can also adjust the Width Factor and Spacing settings. Starting in the 2010 version of SolidWorks, you can link the text to a custom property. This means that sketch text can be changed with configurations. Configurations are covered in a later chapter. The text used to extrude a feature can come from Custom Properties, which can be driven by a design table or directly through the Sketch Text PropertyManager.
WordPad: A windows application for simple word processing tasks. Supports lim-
Figure 14.8 Figure 14.9 Figure 14.10 Figure 14.11 Figure 14.12 Figure 14.13 Figure 14.14 Figure 14.15 Figure 14.16 Figure 14.17 Figure 14.18 Figure 14.19 Figure 14.20 Figure 14.21 Figure 15.1 Figure 15.2
FIGURE 2-26 Specify the name of an XML le in which to store the policy settings.
Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor
ShowRootLines (Public Instance Property)
Use the Locking tab in the Server for NFS page to con gure le locking for NFS. Server for NFS uses mandatory locks for all le requests, including those that come in through NFS, and Windows Server 2008 enforces those locks. You can con gure the period that Server for NFS waits for clients to submit requests to reclaim a lock in the event that the connection is disrupted. To do so, open the Server for NFS node of the SFU console and click the Locking tab. Specify the waiting period in seconds in the eld provided. You can also use this tab to view and release existing locks if needed.
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