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Understanding the Role of Links and Linking
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Understanding the Common Template Files
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The Shell feature hollows out one solid body in a part at a time. If there are multiple solid bodies, then you must select one to be shelled. Any face of the solid that you select will be removed during the shelling. You can select a body without selecting a face by using the small Solid Body selection box under the larger Faces To Remove selection box in the PropertyManager. If you do not select any faces to be removed, then the body will be hollowed out with no external indication that the part is hollow, unless you view it in section view, transparency view, or wireframe view. Single or multiple faces can be removed. This feature works by offsetting the faces of the outside of the model, and the feature may fail if this causes problems with the internal geometry. The Multithickness Shell option enables you to select faces that will have a different thickness from the overall shell thickness. This is one method that you can sometimes use to limit the scope of the Shell feature to a certain area of a body, but it is somewhat limited. Faces with different thicknesses cannot be tangent to one another. I could say a lot more about creating and troubleshooting the Shell feature, but I am discussing it here mainly to show another local operation that can be handled using multi-body parts. Because the Shell feature only works on one body at a time, splitting a part into multiple bodies can be an effective way to limit the scope of the feature. The part shown in Figure 26.9 has been split in half, and one-half has been made transparent for visualization purposes; as a result, you can see that the part is shelled on the bottom on one end and on the top on the other end. The Shell feature has no option for doing this with existing geometry. The only ways that you can do this are either through feature order or by using multi-bodies. You can find the part shown in Figure 26.9 on the CD-ROM with the name 26 LocalOps Shell.sldprt.
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Part V
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The least informative element of P*then has the density
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X.25 packet-switched network, supporting transmission in datagram mode.
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It is found that all the impedances on trace 2 are basically moved counterclockwise around their own resistance circles. On the other hand, the variation of impedance at the low-frequency end is much greater than the variation of impedance at the high-frequency end. The impedance corresponding to an intermediate frequency crosses the reference impedance, the center of the Smith chart. The return loss, S22, of trace 3 as shown in Cartesian coordinates in Figure 11.35, is greatly improved from that of trace 2. Especially at the central frequency, the magnitude of S22 reaches approximately 46 dB. For narrow-band RF block designs, the bandwidth in which the S22 < 10 dB is easily satis ed. However, trace 3 is still not wide enough for wide-band performance. In order to further improve the bandwidth, we could insert a LC combination in parallel to the impedance matching network to squeeze the trace as shown in Figure 11.34. An alternative method for the third step is shown in Figure 11.38, in which a single capacitor, Cp, is inserted in parallel. This makes trace 3 move away from the reference impedance, 50 , but it bends trace 3 to trace 4, which covers a much smaller area. Both the low- and high-frequency end are moved clockwise along their respective subceptance circles. The variation of impedance at the low-frequency end is much greater than that at the high-frequency end. It should be noted that in trace 4 the impedance at the high-frequency end is more capacitive than the impedance at the low-frequency end. As discussed above, this trace 4 could potentially be rolled up or twisted to further widen the bandwidth. Figure 11.39 shows the movement from trace 4 to trace 5 after a single inductor, LS, is inserted into the impedance matching network in series as the fourth step. As we have expected, trace 4 is rolled or twisted into trace5. However,
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Configuring Messaging Beyond Messaging Summary
Microsoft s troubleshooting efforts extend far beyond Windows. The company is now adding automated Fix It tools available on the Web via its Help and Support Web site, instead of just allowing users to search for answers to problems and then read about how to solve them themselves. To see this in action, check out the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center at
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Letters Should Be Personal Good examples of a personal letter were the letters I used to send out to a membership program in my Consumers Hero club. They may have been totally off the wall, but they served my purposes well. The membership program was created in response to our advertisement for our discount club in which we refurbished new but defective products and then sold them, at discount prices, through a club we established. Part of the club program was our regular monthly bulletin. It listed all the buys for that month, and along with it came a very folksy letter talking about the club. The image I conveyed was not that of a very large, impersonal corporation lling the needs of its membership but that of a bunch of hardworking people, of all ethnic backgrounds, working together in harmony to make the company a success. The company had to be portrayed as being small. That was essential for the concept. After all, that was part of the image a little consumer-oriented company ghting the big U.S. corporations and the effects of in ation. And one of the techniques we used to keep the image of a small company was to use old envelopes from companies that had gone out of business. We simply explained that the envelopes were no longer good and it was our way of saving money as well as the environment and passing the savings on to the consumer. So in one month, members might get an envelope from Ski Lift International, a defunct company, and the next month they might get a letter from CMT Machine Tool Company, another defunct company, but the contents of the envelope were always from Consumers Hero. As membership cards, we sent out Batman credit cards. (There is a whole story on that card, but that s for some other book I plan to write.) And one of the qualities we tried to convey was absolute total honesty. We were so honest that the reader would actually be embarrassed for us. The typical letter is on the following page.
12.10 MOSFET TRANSISTOR WITH CG (COMMON GATE) CONFIGURATION A MOSFET transistor with CG con guration is shown in Figure 12.45.
With the new username and password in hand, it s time to log in to WordPress for the first time.
7. If your computer is not on,
Concerning the physical and topological structures there are signi cant differences between silicon strip detectors and strip detectors made of other semiconductor materials. The use of advanced silicon technologies allows one to design and manufacture quite advanced and sophisticated structures of silicon strip detectors. On the other hand, strip detectors made of other semiconductor materials, like Ge, GaAs, CdTe, CdZnTe, are relatively simple structures. The same applies to strip detectors built on lithium-drifted silicon Si(Li). Lithium compensation technique is used for manufacturing thick silicon detectors, however, the technological step of lithium drift is not compatible with other technological steps employed in manufacturing advanced structures of strip detectors.
The simplest setup that works
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