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The 12-channel ring detector of Figure 4.1.29 with a hole in its centre is the basic component of a compact X-ray uorescence (XRF) spectrometer (Figure 4.1.31). The sample is excited by X-rays passing through the central hole of the detector chip, and the SDD ring device receives the characteristic uorescence photons emitted by the sample covering a large fraction of the solid angle around the sample. The X-rays from the source may be intensi ed and focused by a capillary bre as shown
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Any of the three displays provided in Figure 1.30 can be obtained by simply adjusting the VSA. With these diagrams a trained engineer can determine the cause of the signal distortion. The analysis diagrams described above suggest a possible cause for the bit errors in a wireless data transmission system, but they give no quantitative information about how bad the distortion is. The quantity EVM provides the necessary quantitative information. EVM is explained in Figure 1.31, which is a constellation diagram for p/4DQPSK modulation. The eight ideal points are shown. Each can be represented by a vector of normalized signal amplitude extending from the origin to one of the eight phase locations. The amplitude and phase of an actual signal point are also shown. Because of signal distortions, the amplitude of the vector and the phase are greater than they should be. Both of the phase and amplitude differences between the ideal and the actual signal could be measured, but an error vector is de ned to simplify the analysis. The EVM can then be determined. Note that the amplitude of the EVM is affected by both phase and amplitude errors. The EVM is a single metric quantifying how bad the error is. The allowed EVM in a particular system depends on how much information is to be obtained from the modulated signal. With QPSK modulation, where 2 bits/symbol are to be obtained, the allowed EVM is about 7 dB. With 64QAM modulation, where 6 bits/symbol are to be obtained, the allowed EVM is about 0.5 dB.
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ReadOnlyChecked (Public Instance Property)
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Select folder / New folder
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The Add Standalone Snap-in dialog box.
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Uncertain ROI Clear costs
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System Utilities: Software programs used to keep your operating system and other programs running smoothly. These housekeeping programs ensure that your disk space is properly allotted and that there are no corrupt files or programs on your PC. Windows Registry: A collection (or database) of all your operating system, hard-
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This is the default mechanism.
FIGURE 15-26 The Of ine Settings dialog box.
Figure 8.1. Revamped menu buttons provide access to a whole host of useful options.
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