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Replacing the widget is actually a misnomer. After unregistering the widget that you want to replace, simply register a new one in the same way you did earlier: create a new child class that extends the WP_Widget class; ensure that it has a widget(), form(), and update() method as well as a constructor; create or add to a function that registers widgets; and make sure it is hooked to the widgets_init action. For transparency in your replacement, make sure your constructor has the same name, description, and standard options as the original. Chances are, if all you want to do is change the HTML structure of the widget (the most common reason for doing a widget replacement), you can simply copy and paste the original widget, give it a new name, and only update the widget() method.
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The Zune User Experience
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The Sheet Metal feature is also used in the Insert Bends method, and Fixed Face or Edge selection box is used in that method, but not in the Base Flange method. For information on how to use the setting in the Insert Bends method, see 30.
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What to Expect from an Installation
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To access macros by using hotkeys, follow these steps:
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After that, Boot Camp prompts you to insert the Windows 7 Setup DVD and proceed with setup. From a Windows user s perspective, setup proceeds normally and Windows looks and acts as it should once installed. Be sure to keep your Mac OS X Setup DVD handy, however. It includes the necessary drivers that Windows needs to be compatible with the Mac s specific hardware. Once you have Windows 7 up and running on the Mac, there are just a few Mac-specific issues you should be aware of:
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Part I
ccessing the Internet from Ubuntu can sometimes be tricky. If you have a home network that s connected to the Internet, it s possible that Ubuntu detected your network hardware and configured everything for you during installation. If so, that s great! If not, you ll have to do some tweaking to get things going. This chapter walks through the various configuration settings required for different types of network connectivity methods. After helping you get your network connection working, the chapter discusses a few network tools that Ubuntu provides. Finally, the chapter takes a look at a feature that no networked workstation should be without, a firewall.
54 Designing High-Performance Data Access Providers
So, a full-mesh con guration of eight COs requires 28 trunks, if all trunks are full duplex (i.e., two-way). If all trunks are simplex (i.e., one-way), then twice that number, or 56, trunks are required to implement a full-mesh, full-duplex con guration. This approach is the most trunk intensive but provides a direct path between any two switches. This approach also presents the lowest risk of catastrophic failure, as each switch can exercise multiple paths to every other switch in the network, under the direction of a centralized signaling and control system. Full Tandem: A full-tandem con guration is the most ef cient in terms of trunking, as it reduces the total number of trunks to eight. However, this approach places a great traf c load on the tandem, which much provide all interconnections between the COs. The tandem also becomes a single point of failure, which may present an unacceptable level of risk to the carrier. Further, the tandem adds some amount of call setup time and propagation delay. This con guration also is a physical and logical star con guration. Combination: A combination con guration often is the most reasonable approach, as it strikes a balance between trunking and switching. Adjacent COs interconnect directly; nonadjacent COs connect through the tandem. If there is a failure at the tandem level, nonadjacent COs can interconnect via alternate paths under the direction of a centralized signaling and control system.
of wideband implies that the system bandwidth becomes comparable with carrier frequency.3 In wireless communications, on the other hand, we compare the properties of the channel with the properties of the system. It is thus possible that the same system is wideband in one channel, but narrowband for another.
Reordering items in the tree
Wave 2
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