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The CEO s Uncertainty
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If you have multiple templates for one type of document, the Task Pane requires you to select one from a pull down list, shown in Figure A.6, on the left. This is drag and drop programming. Normally, interfaces like this are done through an API (application programming interface). This is very easy to set up, and makes your entry of custom property data as intuitive as you can make it.
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Using the Windows Media Center
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CD-ROM Install/Boot Server IP address and boot parameters Ethernet
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1. Open the file from the CD-ROM in the 3 folder called 3 Reference Geometry.sldprt. 2. In the FeatureManager filter, type plane1. Double-click Plane1 in the FeatureManager, then double-click the 3.25-inch dimension on the screen and change it to 3.35 inches. Click the rebuild symbol (traffic light) and watch the update. This plane locates the mounting base of the part.
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The My Videos folder is the default save location for the Videos library, so when you copy content into Videos (the library), it is actually copied to My Videos (the folder).
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Using Sketch Pictures
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t would seem that picking out the right keywords and then employing them in keyword advertisements would be an easy enough task. But don t let the simplicity of the concept fool you. There is much to learn about how to use your keywords effectively to draw traffic to your web site. One of the biggest mistakes web-site owners or designers make is to assume that once the site is properly tagged and seeded with keywords, their work is finished. It s not. There s more to do. You can t just throw your keywords into PPC advertisements and expect them to do well. There s a fine science to writing the ad. Then, when site visitors do see your ad and they click it to go to your site, what s going to greet them Your landing page is as important as the text that you place in your advertisement. And sometimes, choosing the right advertisement text, based on the right keywords, requires some comparison testing. Keyword advertising is not a simple process. It s also not a process that you can do once and forget about. To be truly effective, you should be working with your keywords all the time. Only through regular, consistent attention can you increase your keyword success and maximize the return on your keyword investment. Return on investment (ROI) is a term that you ll hear frequently associated with keyword advertising (and most other types of advertising and technology, but we re not interested in those right now). There is more detailed information in 9 about PPC ROI, but for now you should understand that PPC advertising is getting more and more expensive.
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17: Seven to Go: Windows 7 Mobility Features
built, it is of a rather simple structure, consisting of weighted semantic associations between the relevant concepts in the document. We therefore call it a lightweight ontology . The two case studies cover quite different aspects of using ontologies in knowledge management applications. Whereas in the second case study an ontology was automatically derived from a search space to improve information retrieval, in the rst skills management case study the ontology itself introduces a structured search space. In one case study we gathered experience in building an ontology manually, while the challenge of the other case study was automatic ontology creation. A number of the novel Semantic Web-based tools described elsewhere in this book were used to build the two systems and both case studies described have led to projects to deploy live systems within Swiss Life.
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