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you need to download lightbox.css, lightbox.js, overlay.png, and loading.gif from Web site associated with this book. (These resources are the components of the Lightbox JS script, written by Lokesh Dhakar, www.
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Figure 1.3: BPSK modulated DS-SS transmitter.
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FIGURE 3.36 The resulting sketch after you perform Step 9
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Windows Live Messenger lets users perform a number of features; in fact, you may just forget that you can actually use it to chat! Besides the obligatory chat feature, you can also use it to use video (Webcams), share folders, and make PC-to-phone calls, and it even integrates with Xbox 360! The sharing folders feature is the new iteration of the direct connect feature in earlier versions of MSN Messenger. A shared folder for both users is created. If one user deletes a file, the other user is affected as well. The PC-to-phone feature lets you place phone calls to and from North America and Europe. At the time of writing (beta phase), the price was 2.3 cents per minute. Overall, Windows Live Messenger is a good chat program. This marks the official goodbye to the whole Microsoft Passport, which is replaced by the Microsoft Live ID. Another nice feature is that you can set yourself to Appear Offline and still send messages (unlike previous versions of MSN Messenger). Microsoft does come in for some criticism on this release because it is really geared only to PC Macintosh and Linux users are pretty much left in the dark. However, because most of these users tend to be adverse to PC anyway, they most likely wouldn t use this chat application. Another frequent complaint is that Windows Live Messenger runs ads across the top of the application.
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Windows 2008 DNS Server
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You may need to have administrator access to your computer to apply a SolidWorks registry file. n
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Wireless Communications
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