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LDAP Server Figure 8.2 LDAP servers.
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When arc sketch segments are part of the selection for a Structural Member, a Merge Arc Segment Bodies option displays after the selection box in the Selections panel. This means that any tangent arc segment will be joined to the entities to which it is tangent, but any non-tangent entities will create separate bodies. A tangent arc is illustrated in the curved leg brace shown in Figure 31.10, along with the Merge Arc Segment Bodies option in the PropertyManager.
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Numeric Round Abort
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17: Ruby on Rails
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outdoors, placing yourself between the ower and the breeze can block a slight breeze. This will cut down on any movement caused by the wind.
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upper-left corner of the placeholder and drag across the slide to where you want the lower-right corner of the placeholder.
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Title --------------------------------The Eagle and the Arrow The Eagle and the Fox The Serpent and the Eagle The Hunter and the Woodman The Father and His Two Daughters Rank ----------288 135 112 102 72
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Statistical Description of the Wireless Channel
Part VI: Windows 7 Online
Channel Sounding
With the economy expanding at an unforeseen speed, personal wealth reaching unimaginable heights, technological innovations making this speed faster and faster, globalization threatening to wipe out the weak economies and the poor people from the economic map, it is time to consider the case of Social Business Entrepreneurs more seriously than we did ever before. Not only is it not necessary to leave the market solely to the personal-gain seekers, it is extremely
Korean. In the Japanese language, for example, even the abbreviated Kanji writing system contains well over 2000 written ideographic characters; Hatakana and Katakana alphabets are also used, further adding to the complexity. As seven- and eight-bit coding schemes cannot accommodate such a complex alphabet, computer manufacturers traditionally have taken proprietary approaches to this problem through the use of two linked eight-bit values. UTF-16 supports 65,536 (216) characters, in what is known as the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP), which accommodates the most complex alphabets; in fact, multiple alphabets can be satis ed simultaneously. Further, Unicode standardizes the coding scheme so computers of disparate origin can communicate information on a standard basis. Since the transfer of Unicode data does not require translation of proprietary coding schemes, speed of transfer is improved, errors are reduced, and costs are lowered. Unicode accommodates preexisting standard coding schemes using the same byte values for consistency. In Unicode terms, ASCII, for example, is known as UTF-7. There even is a UTF-EBCDIC, speci cally for IBM mainframes. UTF-8 supports any universal character in the Unicode range using one to four octets (eight-bit bytes) to do so, depending on the symbol. UTF-32 uses four octets for each symbol but is rarely used due to its inherent inef ciency. The Unicode standard has been adopted by companies such as Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sun, Sybase, and Unisys. Unicode is required by modern standards such as CORBA 3.0, European Computer Manufactures Association ECMAScript (JavaScript), Java, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Wireless Markup Language (WML), and eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Unicode is developed in conjunction with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 10646 de nes the Universal Character Set (UCS), into which the UTF code sets map. UCS-4 is a four-octet code set into which UTF-32 maps and UCS-2 is a two-byte code set into which UTF-16 maps. UCS-1 encodes all characters in byte sequences varying from one to ve bytes. 6.3.4 Data Format
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