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Description Checks if file exists and is a file Checks if file exists and is readable Checks if file exists and is not empty Checks if file exists and is writeable Checks if file exists and is executable Checks if file exists and is owned by the current user Checks if file exists and the default group is the same as the current user Checks if file1 is newer than file2 Checks if file1 is older than file2
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10. Select Standard.
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Relational division with a remainder essentially extracts the quotient while allowing some leeway for rows that meet the criteria but contain additional data as well. In real-life situations this type of division is typically more useful than an exact relational division. The previous OBX Kites sales question ( Who has purchased every kite and possibly other items as well ) is a good one to use to demonstrate relational division. Because it takes five tables to go from contact to product category, and because the question refers to the join between OrderDetail and Product, this question involves enough complexity that it simulates a real-world relational-database problem. The toy category will make a good example category because it contains only two toys and no one has purchased a toy in the sample data, so the query will answer the question Who has purchased at least one of every toy sold by OBX Kites (And yes, my kids volunteered to help test this query.) First, the following data will mock up a scenario in the OBX Kites database. The only toys are
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Developable surfaces are surfaces that can be flattened without stretching the material. They are also surfaces that you can extend easily in one or both directions. These include planar, cylindrical, and conical shapes. It is not a coincidence that these are the types of shapes that can be flattened by the Sheet Metal tools.
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by Joy and Joy (1996), while a more theoretical background is provided by Reimer (1993). In principle, low-energy SEM is an excellent approach to achieving high-resolution imaging (e.g. Goldstein et al., 1992), because the electron specimen interaction volume decreases rapidly with beam energy. The problem is the electron optics: at low beam energies the source brightness will be reduced and one may be left with a degraded probe size or insuf cient beam current. This can be overcome by using a high-brightness source, i.e. a eld-emitter tip, rather than a more conventional tungsten hairpin or LaB6 lament. A modern eld-emission-gun SEM (FEGSEM) allows imaging at intermediate (10 000 to 100 000 ) and even high (>100 000 ) magni cations, with beam energies well below 5 keV. Advantages of SEM at low beam energies are: Charging of nonconductive specimens can be reduced or eliminated; this is achieved by working close to or at the beam energy ( E2 ) where no net charging occurs, i.e. where the number of electrons emitted by the specimen equals the number of electrons received; for many materials of technological importance (semiconductors, ceramics, polymers) E2 is in the range of a few keV; a method to determine E2 experimentally is described by Joy and Joy (1996). The extent of radiation damage is reduced (not necessarily the radiation damage as such). Better topographic contrast is obtained. Surface sensitivity is increased. Image resolution in backscattered electron (BSE) mode is improved. X-ray resolution is improved. Disadvantages are: Electron-optical performance is reduced. Overvoltage for X-ray microanalysis is (too) low.
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13.3.6 Upper Layer Signaling (Layer 3) Upper layer signaling manages the signaling traf c between MS and BS [23,24]. Signaling traf c consists of messages exchanged between a MS and a BS for two basic purposes:
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Figure 16-13: The Games Explorer
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Sij, V
User Role to User Level Mapping
Using the Layout workflow
Are Vista Capable, but not Premium Are not impressed with graphic enhancements Use Vista in their office and aren t using Aero
12: Photoshop 101
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