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When I use drawing templates, one of my favorite techniques to get to a multi-view drawing quickly is to put one Pre-defined View on the template along with appropriate views projected from the Pre-defined View. A Pre-defined View establishes an orientation and location on the drawing sheet. You can add multiple Pre-defined Views and align them with one another on the drawing sheet so that a drawing is automatically populated by the model, but this is not recommended because if you decide to change the orientation of the drawing, you have to change each Pre-defined View independently. If you set up a single Pre-defined View and make the rest of the views with Projected Views, changing the orientation of the Pre-defined View causes all the Projected Views to update associatively. You cannot directly change the orientation of a Projected View. Pre-defined Views and views projected from Pre-defined Views appear blank until they are populated with model geometry. The pre-defined part of a Pre-defined View is the orientation and placement of the view. Figure 20.21 shows a template using Pre-defined and Projected Views. You can access Pre-defined Views on the Drawings toolbar; although it is not there by default, you can place it on the toolbar by choosing Tools Customize Commands and using the interface. You can also access Predefined Views by choosing Insert Drawing Views Pre-defined. Projected Views are also accessed from the Drawings toolbar. Once a Pre-defined View has been placed, you can select an orientation for it from the PropertyManager. Figure 20.22 shows the Drawing View PropertyManager. The orientation for a view is set in the top Orientation panel. In addition to orthogonal views, you can also create isometric and other custom views as Pre-defined Views.
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You can access the locked and broken references through the List External References option on the right-mouse button menu of any feature with an external reference symbol. Figure 16.7 shows the name and path of the assembly where the external reference was created, as well as the part names and entity types.
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Building themes and understanding theme hierarchy is discussed in 11. n
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You can find the Fluid 960 Grid System at www.designinfluences.com/fluid960gs. Figure 11.11 The Fluid 960 Grid System
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At the time of writing, Windows Live Messenger (see Figure 9.32) is not integrated with Windows Vista. In order to download it, you must go to its current Web site: http://get.live.com/messenger/overview or click on its link in the Welcome Center. In order to use Windows Live Messenger, you must sign up for a Microsoft Live ID. The downside to the Live ID is that you must use your e-mail address as a login. If you would prefer not giving your e-mail address, you can go to www.passport.com and get a limited use ID instead. As we note earlier in this chapter, the Microsoft Passport is now a thing of the past, even if the basic principle of Microsoft Live ID is the same.
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where the subscripts AC and DC denote the alternative and directive components of the parameters respectively. In other words, these ground points are expected to be equipotential with or short-circuited to the reference ground point, GND. Consequently, these ground points, G1 to G8, are named as fully ground points, in which both the AC and DC components of voltage and impedance are equal to zero in respect to the reference ground point, GND. In RF circuit design with discrete parts, these kinds of ground points are usually embedded or swallowed by a ground surface. In the RFIC circuit design, the P+ guard ring in an individual RF block functions as a ground surface. Third, the points or nodes Vcc1 to Vcc8 are DC power supply or DC bias terminals. They are connected by a straight line segment as shown on the top of Figure 14.1. At these ground points or nodes, AC but not DC grounding is expected. That is, in respect to a reference ground point or node, GND, the following conditions for the AC and DC components of voltage and impedance must be satis ed. VAC = 0, VDC 0. and Z AC = 0, ZDC 0. (14.4) (14.3)
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Firewall: Configure Firestarter to start the firewall when you start the program,
Target Audience/ Intended Application
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Identifying when to use which tool Creating curve features Filleting Selecting a specialty feature Tutorial: Bracket casting Tutorial: Creating a wire-formed part
Taking Notes
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FIGURE 2.10 Right-click context toolbar
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