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3.1 Multilayers for Soft and Hard X-rays
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Ordinarily, scale will not be known, so it will be necessary to make (7.39) scaleinvariant by introducing some estimate s of scale and replacing (7.39) by
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As you do so, decide whether any common messages or content can effectively serve multiple groups. For example, with the OC site, a get involved message works equally well with regulars and first-timers. After you refine your messages and content, you are ready to put them on your home page.
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Table 8-8: VbStrConv Enumeration Value VbStrConv.TraditionalChinese Description Converts Traditional Chinese characters to Simplified Chinese. LocaleID: An optional LocaleID value, if different from the system LocaleID value.
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If you slide the control all of the way in either direction, the opposite audio source will be completely muted. To utilize only your soundtrack and mute the video clips underlying audio, slide the control all the way to the right.
Windows XP and Vista users can use the Software Explorer feature of Windows Defender to remove unwanted startup items as well. This feature, alas, was removed from Windows 7, because Microsoft believed that it detracted from the main function of Defender (the removal of malware). We disagree: the line between true malware and unwanted preloaders is pretty gray.
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family for most people, I usually try to get the owners to pose with the pet for a couple of photographs. Try to have the owners get down to the pet s level; this is a good time to shoot in Burst mode. The expressions on both the owner and the pet can change very quickly, and because there is no way to ask a dog or cat to smile for the camera, shooting four or ve shots in a row is a good idea.
normal Feature Scope, because the Feature Scope is intended to select multiple bodies, and the Rib feature requires a single body. There is a simple Selected Body selection box in the Rib PropertyManager. After you have selected the target body, deleting the new bodies that caused the problem in the first place, thankfully, does not make the problem reoccur. However, if the body that the rib is merged with is split using the Split feature, then that does cause a problem. As a result, the two things that cause the Rib feature problem are rolling back and either adding bodies or splitting the body to be ribbed.
Okay, there is one exception to the preceding rule, which applies only to song purchasing. In addition to the dubious song purchasing plan that Microsoft invented to slowly siphon every last cent out of your wallets, the company has also created a Zune subscription service called Zune Pass. This service could actually make a lot of sense for you if two things are true: One, you re still young or interested enough to want to discover new music on an ongoing basis. Two, you own or are going to purchase a Zune device in addition to using the Zune PC software. Here s the deal: Zune Pass costs $14.99 a month in the United States. Okay, this sounds a little steep at first, and Microsoft isn t offering special deals if you sign up for several months or one year at a time, but this $14.99 buys you ongoing access to all of the several million songs that Microsoft sells via Zune Marketplace. As long as your subscription is active, you can download and listen to any protected song they offer, both in the PC-based Zune software and on your Zune portable media player. But wait, there s more. This $14.99 a month is actually a good value because each month, Microsoft allows you to download and keep up to 10 songs. That s a $10 value, so the real cost of this subscription part of the Zune Pass is only $4.99 a month, and that s a steal, especially if you are in the market for new music and are buying digital albums anyway. As with anything that sounds too good to be true, there are some caveats. You can t burn any of the subscription-based songs to CD. The subscription covers music only, not music videos. And as soon as your subscription lapses poof! any songs you ve downloaded are gone. (Except for the 10 free songs you get each month; those are yours to keep.) If you re old and crusty, this may not seem like a good deal, but if you re young and have constantly evolving musical taste, Zune Pass may be just what the doctor ordered. Over time, you will discover more and more new music and find out what you really like. By the time your tastes settle down, you may be ready to start buying certain music.
3. Improve bonding of door panels, housing covers, doors, and other mechanical assemblies with conductive gaskets. 4. Provide filtering for all I/O signal lines. Filtering can include ferrite beads, T and filters, bypass capacitors, noise suppression connector assemblies, isolation transformers, etc. 5. Improve grounding of user interface points. These points include knobs, switches, display panels, keyboard, pointing devices, and the like. Do not rely on a small drain wire for any level of performance related to draining ESD energy from a direct hit into chassis ground. Use a flat braid with a width-tothickness ratio of 5 : 1. 6. Reduce the physical size of slots, apertures, and openings within chassis enclosures. Electrostatic discharge is typically a 1-ns event, which translates to 320 MHz. Try to visualize how the ESD energy propagates throughout the system and not rely upon trial and error. If the path of energy travel can be determined, it becomes a simple task to incorporate cost-effective fixes. Concerns Related to Analyzing ESD Events. Humidity is only one of many parameters involved with ESD. Simulating a dry environment in a chamber that is completely lined with metal surfaces may not be sufficient for emulating a customer s environment, especially one that may be very low in humidity. Electrostatic discharge failures at differing levels of voltage become an interesting problem due to different scenarios. The value of x is product dependent 1. An unacceptable hard ESD failure at a level of x KV or any higher level is generally related to a grounding problem. To prevent failure, improve the grounding methodology as a potential solution. 2. An unacceptable hard ESD failure at a level of x KV, without failing above this level is probably a decoupling issue in combination with a grounding problem. Careful analysis of PCB design and layout may be required. For example, a grounding problem may include a ground wire that is too long or improperly secured or a wire diameter that is too small (recommendation is to use a braid strap or strip of copper tape). The width of the braid or tape must be very wide. A decoupling problem may involve incorrectly sized decoupling capacitors, improperly placed components, leads of mounting traces that are too long, wrong sized ferrites beads or cores, etc. In dry conditions, not only is the charging processes enhanced but also the severity level is increased (faster rise time transitions of digital components and higher peak inrush surge current). For both reasons, it is common to see ESD problems differently around the world based on environmental conditions. Try to debug the problem using the contact mode of testing. The effect of humidity on the electromagnetic properties of a system is generally very small. The pur-
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