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With xed assignment, the number of channels on the digital link is equal to or greater than the number of line interfaces (M ! N), and there is no blocking since each user interface is permanently connected to a channel. The pair gain is due
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Internet properties are customizable in the Internet Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 4.19. Another Control Panel applet, the networking and Internet properties are covered in s 12 and 13.
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The default setting, Exclusive display, displays the exclusive menu for the ISO button, White Balance button, Drive mode button,
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1. MBTI is a registered trademark of Consulting Psychologists Press.
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Argon, in gas physisorption, 290 291 Arrays carbon nanotube, 336 338 of inorganic nanowires, 333 336 Arti cial photosynthesis, nextgeneration applications of, 456, 462 465 As-deposited lms, 216, 224, 225 As2S3, As2Se3 lms, 103 a-Si lm, 134 137. See also Amorphous silicon (a-Si) Atmosphere-assisted CVD (AACVD) processing, 169. See also AACVD entries Atmospheric Pressure Hot-Wall Reactor Parametric Study, 181 189 Atmospheric pressure processing, solution deposition versus, 449 Atomic force microscopy (AFM), 119, 242, 244 Atomic layer deposition (ALD), 121, 242 Auger analysis, 213, 214 Automation, of transfer printing, 425 Awareness, in technology diffusion, 399 400 Azeotropic solvents, 35 Band-gap energies, 180 181 Band gaps, 20, 209 of ZnS, 203 BaCu2S2, 21 Barium oxide lms, SILAR-grown, 246 Barium strontium titanate (BST) materials, future applications of, 453 Battery technology, printed, 386 Bendability, of exible macroelectronics, 436 Benzocyclobutene (BCB)-containing siloxane polymers, with thin- lm adhesives, 418 -diketonates, 38 Bi-2212 lms, 222 223 Binary oxide gate insulators, 112 Binary superlattices, 331 332 Binder, ink, 387 Binuclear complexes, 162 Biologically active materials, nextgeneration applications of, 455 456
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Figure 9-13: Use the Add Tags feature to organize your digital images.
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Floating-gate nonvolatile memories are heir to all the reliability hazards of other MOS integrated circuits such as electromigration and hot-electron degradation of the transconductance, although they are much less sensitive to single-event upset (soft errors) than are DRAMs or SRAMs. 61 The unique hazards relate to the ability to retain data without power over long periods of time (retention), the ability to withstand repeated rewriting of the stored, nonvolatile data (endurance), and the possibility that the data in one cell may be inadvertently altered while reading that cell or writing to another cell elsewhere in the array (disturb). These three unique hazards are discussed in the following sections. 8.4.1 Retention Failures
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and our bene ciaries can literally be anywhere on the planet. And so can we. And that is the challenge of fractioning. How can I, as a fundraiser, possibly run such a complex equation of needs and expectations when the individuals behind them could be anywhere in the world In November 2001, just a few days after 9/11, a terrible explosion ripped through the city of Toulouse, in southwest France. Windows blew out on houses for miles around the epicenter of the explosion. The blast could be heard more than 70 miles away. The people of Toulouse had no idea what had hit them. It was not terrorists, but the AZF Chemical plant located in the middle of the city exploding after a chemical leak. Six years later, in early summer 2007, after a mammoth cleaning-up operation, the foundation stone was laid for a brand-new cancer research and treatment center the Canceropole Toulouse, to be built on the site of the old chemical plant. The cancer center, brainchild of Philippe DousteBlazy, the former mayor of the city, is being created with a pot of public money, some leading-edge public-private partnerships, and a huge international fundraising drive. The Fondation InNaBioSante has been created to
Figure 1-1: The Windows Vista System window.
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n Ubuntu workstation isn t an island. It must interact with other devices to achieve the most benefits. This chapter examines how to connect popular external devices and use them on your Ubuntu workstation. First, we ll take a look at how to get your printer working with Ubuntu. Whether it s an old parallel printer or a modern shared network printer, Ubuntu can most likely interface with it. After discussing printers, the chapter looks at another popular device, the scanner. Ubuntu uses the XSane application to provide a high-quality way to easily scan, edit, and save documents. These days, digital cameras are becoming the norm. You ve already seen that Ubuntu provides the F-Spot Photo Manager software for handling digital images. We ll take a look at how to use that package with your digital camera. Finally, the chapter looks at how to interface your portable music device with your Ubuntu workstation so you can manage your music portfolio.
A factory provides a central location for object creation. When client code needs a data object, it makes the request from the factory and the factory handles the creation and initialization of the object. In addition to this, a factory may also contain business logic that determines what specific types of objects should be created. In the example shown in Figure 54-2, this is the logic that determines whether to use SQL or Access as the database.
The Fill Surface is one of my favorite tools in SolidWorks. I often refer to it as the magic wand because it is sometimes amazing what it can do. It is alternately referred to by the SolidWorks interface and documentation as either Fill or Filled, depending on where the reference is made. You will find it listed as both in the SolidWorks interface. The Fill Surface is intended to fill in gaps in surface bodies. It can do this either smoothly or by leaving sharp corners. You can use constraint curves to drive the shape of the fill between the existing boundaries. It can even knit a surface body together into a solid, all in one step. Beyond this, you can use the Fill Surface directly on solid models and integrate it directly into the solid automatically (much like the Replace Face function which is described later in this chapter). Several rather complex examples of the Fill Surface are found in the bike frame example that was originally shown in 12. One of these fills is shown in Figure 27.9.
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