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Figure 15-20: It takes a bit of getting used to, but Windows Media Center s menu system
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Basic volumes are areas of the disk that can be independently formatted. The process of formatting assigns a speci c le system to the volume (such as FAT, FAT32, or NTFS) and is required in order to store les on the disk. As mentioned previously, a basic volume can be located on a primary or extended partition. In the rst case, a single volume occupies an entire partition; in the second case, one or more volumes can be created, with the portion of the partition unassigned to any volume left for later use. When working with basic disks, you are limited to basic volumes only (which consist of a contiguous area of a single disk). To format any other type of volume (such as spanned, striped, mirrored, or RAID-5), you rst need to convert two or more disks to dynamic disks (at least three for RAID-5 and two or more for the other types). Basic volumes can be extended, which essentially involves adding more space to an existing volume. This, however, is not possible in any of the following scenarios: The volume is formatted using FAT or FAT32 (only NTFS or unformatted volumes can be extended). The volume is used as a system or boot partition. Unallocated space is not adjacent to (immediately following) the volume to be extended. The volume was created as a basic partition on a Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000/2003 installation that was subsequently upgraded to Windows Server 2008 Server. The simple volume has been modi ed using the diskpart.exe utility with the retain command (more about this later). Note that you cannot extend a basic partition using the Disk Management utility; you must use diskpart.exe instead. Extending a volume does not affect data residing on the volume and it does not require a reboot.
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FIGURE 18.29 The Burn tab options
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Note. The computation of the reciprocal basis involves the inversion of the Grammian matrix. If the Grammian matrix is poorly conditioned, numerical problemsmayoccur.Robustmethods of handling such cases are the QR decomposition and theMoore-Penrose pseudoinverse, which will be discussed in the next section.
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Figure 4.42 Insertion loss and phase shift of split ring balun. f = 800 to 900 MHz.
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Search Engine Basics
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[ 1051 L. Hanzo, C. Wong, and P. Cherriman, Channel-adaptive wideband video telephony,
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Block special device and character special device files are unusual in that they do not contain data. Meant solely as access points for physical devices such as disks and tapes, these files provide the means to access the related device drivers. The main difference between the two is how they handle input/output (I/O). Block-special device files operate on blocks, while character-special device drivers work on a character-by-character basis.
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The second Tablet PC type, and the one that continues today as the mainstream Tablet PC design, is called a convertible laptop. Shown in Figure 18-2, these machines look just like regular laptops, but with one difference: the screen can be swiveled around and rotated back onto the keyboard, giving the machine a temporary slate-like form factor. In this way, a convertible laptop can be used like a regular notebook computer with a keyboard and trackpad or like a slate-type Tablet, via the pen.
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This diagram shows the simultaneous development of the build-to and code-to artifacts for all of the lowest configuration items. Of course, some LCIs, and even some subsystems, may not be designed if their design-to specifications can be met by procuring off-the-shelf items. Comprehensive technical management is needed to ensure compatibility of all LCI interfaces and intrafaces. With the completion of the build-to and code-to artifacts, including draft verification procedures, the build-to decision gate sequence is conducted to prove the feasibility of building, coding, integrating, and verifying the LCI designs and to baseline them.
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As in the biorthogonal case, the polyphase filters can be realized jointly. Onecan use the structure in Figure 6.23 and implement two filters at a time via the lattice in Figure 6.25. However, the more efficient structure in Figure 6.24 can also be used, where four filters are realized via a common lattice. This was shown in [95] for special filter lengths. A generalization is given in [62].
Throughout this book, you ve made your way through a bunch of do-it-yourself makeovers designed to transform your Web site. However, you ll eventually encounter a need that you can t pull off using a Web page editor like Dreamweaver (or an image editor like Photoshop) alone. In these circumstances, you need to bring in the big boys and get Google, Yahoo!, and other major Web companies to help you make your Web site even better. In this chapter, I walk you through three makeovers that show you how to integrate Web-based add-on services into your Web site. You begin by adding a Yahoo! map and directions link to your site to help your visitors easily locate you in the real world. You then explore a makeover that adds a Google-driven site search to your site. Finally, you look at how you can transform your blog and make it feel like part of your Web site design. You can always link to services on the Web. The trick is being able to seamlessly integrate (or come as close as possible) these services into your overall visual design to ensure a positive and unmuddied user experience.
The Dimension Palette seems to be the most convenient place to make these alterations to the basic dimension itself. If you don t like the Dimension Palette, there is currently no way to deselect it.
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