Debunking more sketch myths
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s discussed in 14, DirectX is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that are used in gaming, multimedia, and programming. It s no surprise that Microsoft included a new version of DirectX with Windows Vista, as this new version is geared toward the next generation of video games that are designed specifically for Vista. A Windows staple since 1995, DirectX has been an integral part of the Windows gaming and multimedia experience. It has been revamped for Windows Vista; the final result is a bundle of APIs that are five to eight times more powerful than the DirectX 9 release. Microsoft decided to stick with the familiar DirectX nomenclature, despite toying around with several ideas during development and the beta phase. For example, DirectX 10 was being touted as Windows Graphics Foundation. A bit long, Microsoft went with the more familiar DirectX Next. That idea later discarded; there was Direct3D 10 before Microsoft stuck with good-old DirectX 10, whose logo is displayed in Figure 15.1.
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If you mouse over the Volume text below the playback controls, you ll get a volume slider that you can use to adjust the playback volume.
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Tutorial: Making Use of Editing and Evaluation Techniques
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Figure 9-15: Windows 7 s Network Connections works just like the XP version.
Rs1 Vs1
I ll abbreviate the steps that are redundant and elaborate on the steps that aren t. 1. Remove any pieces of tape on the outside of the printer. 2. Open the unit and remove any plastic tabs the manufacturer installed to prevent components from rattling around during shipment. 3. Install the toner cartridge (see Figure 5.15). Some toner cartridges come with a piece of plastic tape that you must pull out to permit the flow of toner inside the cartridge; other types don t need this step. Usually, you slide pins on the cartridge into corresponding slots inside the printer. Take your time, line everything up, and don t force anything; the toner cartridge should be an easy fit.
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Overlay sheet (for tracing)
Using Smart Components
A factor that can complicate the erase operation of a cell without a select-gate per row is an effect called "erratic erase." 49 This effect results in a cell suddenly erasing much faster than normal as is illustrated in Figure 8.27.50 The enhanced erase tunneling illustrated in Figure 8.27a is not, in general, a permanent effect; rather, after some indeterminate number of further program/erase cycles, the erase tunneling will revert to the "normal" tunneling characteristic that it had initially; hence the name "erratic."
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