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We ve established that using social media as a marketing technique requires a different approach than some of the more traditional marketing that you ve probably done to this point. It s also very different than the tasks that you ll complete as part of your SEO efforts. Social-media optimization is a term coined by Rohit Bhargava. When he came up with it, he also came up with five strategies to help you accomplish optimization of your social-media efforts. Over the next few months, several other industry experts added to the list and there are now 16 guidelines that will help you optimize your social-media efforts: Increase your linkability: The linkability of your site is determined by the amount of content that you have available to users who might come from social networks. Old, stale, and rarely changing content will not help with your social-media optimization, so begin by updating your content and your content strategy to ensure that it is interesting for visitors who might come from your social network.
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keys send to the system. Once you configure a profile, you can specify it when opening new session tabs, and those features are automatically set by Terminal for the tab session.
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it follows that A(F.T) 5 A(F0,T ) ;hence the minimax property holds. Now consider the R-estimate. The optimal scores function J ( t ) is given by
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1 Note that even for 200 MHz of bandwidth, as shown in Fig. 6.14, the amplitudes of the paths t the lognormal distribution than the Rayleigh distribution.
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LMS RLS Fast RLS "Square root" RLS
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57. Vitale, S. A.; Chae, H.; Sawin, H. H. 2000. Etching chemistry of benzocyclobutene (BCB) low-k dielectric lms in F-2+O-2 and Cl-2+O-2 high density plasmas. J. Vac. Sci. & Technol. A 18:2770 2778. 58. Saulnier, F.; Ondarcuhu, T.; Aradian, A.; Raphael, E. 2004. Adhesion between a viscoelastic material and a solid surface. Macromolecules 37:1067 1075. 59. Roberts, A. D. 1979. Looking at rubber adhesion. Rubber Chem. Technol. 52:23 42. 60. Barquins, M. 1992. Adherence, friction and wear of rubber-like materials. Wear 158:87 117. 61. Shull, K. R.; Ahn, D.; Chen, W. L.; Flanigan, C. M.; Crosby, A. J. 1998. Axisymmetric adhesion tests of soft materials. Macromol. Chem. Phys. 199:489 511. 62. Degennes, P. G. 1995. Spontaneous adhesion between rubbers and bare solids. Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Serie Ii 320:193 197. 63. Anderson, T. L. 1995. Fracture Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications. CRC Press, New York. 64. Inglis, C. E. 1913. Stresses in a plate due to the presence of cracks and sharp corners. Trans. Instit. Naval Architects 55:219 241. 65. Yao, Z.; Kane, C. L.; Dekker, C. 2000. High- eld electrical transport in single-wall carbon nanotubes. Phys. Rev. Lett. 84:2941 2944. 66. Javey, A.; et al. 2002. High-kappa dielectrics for advanced carbon-nanotube transistors and logic gates. Nature Mater. 1:241 246. 67. Kocabas, C.; et al. 2005. Guided growth of large-scale, horizontally aligned arrays of single-walled carbon nanotubes and their use in thin- lm transistors. Small 1:1110 1116. 68. Kocabas, C.; Shim, M.; Rogers, J. A. 2006. Spatially selective guided growth of high-coverage arrays and random networks of single-walled carbon nanotubes and their integration into electronic devices. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 128: 4540 4541. 69. Cao, Q.; et al. 2006. Highly bendable, transparent thin- lm transistors that use carbon-nanotube-based conductors and semiconductors with elastomeric dielectrics. Adv. Mater. 18:304 309. 70. Cao, Q.; et al. 2006. Transparent exible organic thin- lm transistors that use printed single-walled carbon nanotube electrodes. Appl. Phys. Lett. 88: 113511. 71. Hur, S. H.; et al. 2005. Printed thin- lm transistors and complementary logic gates that use polymer-coated single-walled carbon nanotube networks. J. Appl. Phys. 98:114302. 72. Hur, S. H.; Park, O. O.; Rogers, J. A. 2005. Extreme bendability of single-walled carbon nanotube networks transferred from high-temperature growth substrates to plastic and their use in thin- lm transistors. Appl. Phys. Lett. 86:243502. 73. Hur, S. H.; et al. 2005. Organic nanodielectrics for low voltage carbon nanotube thin lm transistors and complementary logic gates. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 127:13808 13809. 74. Kang, S. J.; et al. 2007. High-performance electronics using dense, perfectly aligned arrays of single-walled carbon nanotubes. Nature Nanotechnol. 2:230 236. how to create print barcode 39 form
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The data source view forms the basis for creating the cubes, which in turn present data to database users. Running the Cube Wizard with Auto Build enabled generally provides a good first draft of a cube. Begin by right-clicking the Cubes folder and selecting New, and then work through these pages: Select Build Method: Choose Build the cube using a data source with Auto Build checked and Create attributes and hierarchies selected. Select Data Source View: Highlight the appropriate data source view. Detecting Fact and Dimension Tables: The wizard is preparing defaults for the next page. Identify Fact and Dimension Tables: Adjust which tables contain facts (measures), which contain dimension information, or both. The Tables tab presents this information as a simple checklist, whereas the Diagram tab shows the same information in a color-coded diagram (blue for dimension, yellow for fact, green for both). The time dimension can also be specified here, but specifying time dimension details within the wizard requires detailed knowledge of how the time dimension is configured; most users will want to leave this pull-down blank (time dimensions are covered in the next section). Review Shared Dimensions: Move the dimensions to include in this cube from the left (available dimensions) to the right (cube dimensions) pane. The list includes both existing dimensions and those being added by the wizard. Occasionally the wizard will guess incorrectly about how to combine tables into a dimension these cases can safely be excluded at this stage and manually added later. Select Measures: Check only the columns that will be useful measures in your cube. The wizard defaults to including everything in a fact table not used in a relationship, so it often includes too many columns. Columns are arranged alphabetically within each fact table being processed. The names of measures can be edited here as well, but the need to edit is usually a sign to revisit friendly name assignments in the data source view. Detecting Hierarchies: The wizard is detecting drill-down paths (hierarchies) within the dimension table columns (attributes) for dimensions being added.
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simply sync up independently of the network. In either case, it was virtually ensured that there would be some level of slippage, or lack of synchronization. In order to adjust for that slippage and thereby resolve minor timing issues in order to allow multiple T1s to be multiplexed into a T2, multiple T2s to be multiplexed into a T3, and so on, stuff bits were added to the overhead at each higher level. The same logic was used in E-carrier and J-carrier networks. In contemporary T/E/J-carrier networks, the switches and muxes sync up with a Global Positioning System (GPS) master clock. As a result, timing issues are relatively modest, although they still exist and some small number of stuff bits remain used to resolve those issues. 6.3.3 Code Sets
to this standard deleted this option and replaced it with the measurement techniques described in IEC 61000-4-7 [13]. This standard is used to define reference information related to instruments for harmonic measurements. Amendment A14 prohibits frequency-domain instruments, mandating only DFT analysis. When harmonic components fluctuate while the measurement is being made, the response at the indicating output should be that of a first-order low-pass filter with a time constant of 1.5 seconds. IEC 61000-4-7 includes specific details of the time constant smoothing function. Test Conditions. Special test conditions are required for the equipment listed in EN 61000-3-2. This equipment includes various household appliances, TV receivers, audio amplifiers, VCRs, and lighting equipment. Independent lamp dimmers and other phase control devices should be set for a firing angle of 90 . Information technology equipment must be tested with the equipment configured to its rated current. A significant change to EN 61000-3-2 occurred with Amendment A14:2000. Earlier versions of the standard required equipment be operated to give maximum harmonic amplitude for each successive harmonic frequency by manual or programmable means. This procedure would require extensive test time. It is unrealistic to maximize current draw and operational characteristics for each harmonic up to the 40th harmonic. The harmonics most likely to create harm to power distribution systems are the lower order harmonics. It is THD that is important. Higher order harmonics generally have little effect on THD. Amendment A14 removed this test requirement. Performing the Test. The EUT should be operated in a mode that produces maximum total harmonic current (THC) under normal operating conditions. The harmonic current limits apply only to line currents and not to currents in the neutral conductor. Preliminary operation of motor drives by the manufacturer may be needed before the tests are performed to ensure that results measured are consistent with normal use. Harmonic currents and active input power should be measured but need not be measured simultaneously. Measurement is performed as follows: For each harmonic order, measure the 1.5-second smoothed RMS harmonic current in each DFT window. Calculate the arithmetic average of the measured valued from the DFT time windows over the entire observation period. When equipment enters or stops operation, either manually or automatically, harmonic currents and power are not taken into account for the first 10 seconds following the switching event. The EUT should not be in stand-by mode for more than 10% of any observation period. The test standard provides additional details on test requirements and observation periods.
Portable EDXRF analysers were designed and constructed by EIS,6 for applications in various elds (archaeometry, chemistry, industrial). They are composed of gas cooled 40 50 kV, 1 mA Xray tubes with W anode and Be window, of a SDD with about 130 140 eV energy resolution at 5.9 keV, and of a MCA (Figure 5.3.11). The equipment is mounted on a tripod. The EIS equipment is characterised by the very good energy-resolution and reduced thickness of the Be window (Figure 5.3.12). No dedicated software is available yet. NITON
6 goes into more depth about composition and exposure for a variety of speci c situations.
Give Windows Server 2008 a hand, and it takes an arm . . . or at least another drive. Installation assesses all the hard-drive resources in the system, and if you have two drives (or partitions), the OS attempts to use both. The rst active partition gets snagged for the system les . . . the minimum required to raise the system to a point where you can run recovery tools or the Recovery Console. Windows Server 2008 calls this volume you guessed it the system volume. Windows Server 2008 then snags a second drive or partition and uses it for the boot les, the les needed to boot the rest of the operating system all the way to the desktop on which you can log in. Windows Server 2008 calls this volume the boot volume. (This is a reversal of the old naming convention for boot and system partitions.) Two reasons exist for the dual-disk consumption. First, Windows Server 2008 is optimized to use more than one hard-disk drive. Second, a minimum boot disk can be con gured to hold just the boot les and can be formatted as FAT or FAT32 instead of NTFS. The theory is that if you lose the base operating system that is, if you cannot boot to the desktop you can at least boot to a DOS diskette and then, from DOS, copy new base les over the corrupt ones (or replace a defective drive). Many NT and NetWare systems have been con gured this way. However, a well-designed and managed system need not retain a FAT boot disk, which, because of its poor security, is a risk to the entire system because it does not support le-level security. Windows Server 2008, however, enables you to boot to the Boot Options console (whenever it detects a disaster). Here you have several options, such as Safe Mode with Networking, and from there you can attempt to boot without certain services and debug the problem after you have the OS up and running. You can also boot the Recovery Mode Console, which takes you to a command line that you can use to access NTFS partitions and the boot disks. The practice
The less you are able to demonstrate short-term ROI for your project, thereby endangering its future. The moral is, don t just assess progress, but make every attempt to accelerate it. The metrics are established to be exceeded, not merely satisfied. You haven t achieved anything by implementing a project, nor by managing it. You ve only achieved something when you ve completed it and walked away from a happy buyer.
an existing HTML page, check the source code first for existing font tags. After making a backup of your original, you ll want to clean house and get rid of the existing font formatting instructions.
If a line is not selected as the zero reference entity, the Ordinate Dimension feature defaults to a Horizontal Ordinate. n
Don t forget to delete a user s account or disk quota when you are sure that the account will not be used again. Freeing up unnecessary disk space provides more space for other users.
26.1 INTERMODULATION PRODUCTS When describing receiver performance, the problem associated with detecting weak signals is very intuitive. In our own experience, it is dif cult to hear someone speaking softly when we are in a noisy environment. Noise interferes with our ability to detect faint signals. At the other end of the amplitude scale, receivers also experience signi cant problems when presented with signals that are too strong. Speci cally, intermodulation products limit the strength of the signal that can be presented at the input of the receiver without causing excessive distortion. Thus far, most of the measurements that have been described in this text have relied on passing a single tone (i.e., at a single frequency) through a device and measuring the output response. In a typical wireless communication system, with one base station or access point and several mobile units, signals from the base station to all mobiles come into each mobile receiver. There is no practical way to lter out a single user channel dynamically at RF. Received signal strength is the same for every signal. In other words, the front-end receiver components in most wireless systems have to be able to handle multiple tones at their inputs. We have seen that when active devices are driven into nonlinear operation, unwanted harmonics are produced at their output. Furthermore, if multiple tones are present at the input, then unwanted mixing can also occur among the tones and their harmonics. Intermodulation products are the result of this unwanted mixing
ecall the example of the gas well, presented in 11, that was worth $500,000 given the average price of gas but was worth $1 million on average. The increased value was due to the option not to pump in the event that the gas price was below the production cost. An opportunity such as this is known as a real option, and it is analogous to a call option on the gas, with a strike price equal to the pumping cost. Life is full of such options, and they all exploit uncertainty. Should I save money by making my plane reservations early or pay more for the option of flexible travel dates Should I hire full-time employees, who cost less per hour, or have the option to easily reduce my workforce by using more costly temporary labor Should I commit to my production quantities today to get the lowest per-unit cost, or should I maintain the option to produce what I really need after I have a better estimate of market demand
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