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BuddyPress Template File Hierarchy
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Ontology-based Knowledge Management at Work
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Temperature ( C)
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Part VI: Windows 7 Online
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3: Networking Windows Server 2008 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97
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It s also important that related elements be grouped together. On this newspaper home page, less important news articles are in the same visual space as the main headline; this proximity denotes a relationship. In fact, this proximity trick is commonly misused to display advertising, as shown in Figure 8.5. If you respect your users more than your client or boss, don t do this. The practice of sliding ads into the user s field of view is a transparent trick and one that breaks the covenant of trust with your users. Ads belong in their own space, if they must be used at all. Editorial space should be reserved for editorial content only. By the same token, the visual hierarchy also determines where elements should appear for the designer. If you think of the site header as the global container element, consider the elements within as children in a hierarchical sense. Figure 8.6 shows how elements on a page can be grouped in a hierarchy. The contents of these nested boxes can be whatever your site deals with: articles and sub-elements in a news story, products and related items on a shopping site, or categories and additional navigation on a general information site.
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Loop Template Tag Out of Loop Alternative
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Bulk insert is extremely fast and I ve had good success using it in production environments. My one word of caution is that the data must be clean. Variations in data type, irregular columns, and missing columns will cause trouble.
Figure 4.19 Insertion loss and phase shift of transformer balun for group 3 UWB system (S21, S31) in simulation 4: transformer balun with three added parts.
Part II
ASIC Function Area efficiency Flexibility Use Processing Hard-wired High Nil One function Optimum
Video networking can be accomplished over a number of facilities and service offerings, depending on the application and the amount of bandwidth required. Analog circuits will support videoconferencing at low speeds, although the results are less than completely pleasing. The failed videophones offered by AT&T, BT, and others made use of dial-up analog circuits or ISDN circuits. As always is the case, digital circuits offer better performance than do analog circuits. ISDN circuits are preferable to analog circuits because they provide more bandwidth and better transmission quality. However, the higher cost and lower availability of ISDN have slowed the acceptance of videophones based on ISDN technology in the United States. Note that in Europe and Japan ISDN is not particularly expensive and is much more widely available. Switched 56/64-kbps circuits can be used for videoconferencing generally aggregated or bonded to provide multiple channels. Switched 384-kbps connectivity can be provided on the basis of fractional DS-1 through ISDN PRI channels in a channel group known as HO or over ADSL. DS-1 facilities support full-motion, high-quality videoconferencing over dedicated networks at rates up to 2.048 Mbps for E-1 and 1.544 Mbps for T1. However, such facilities are costly and not widely dedicated to such applications. Large user organizations with dedicated leased-line T/E-carrier backbone networks make highly effective use of videoconferencing; the video communications contend with voice and data for network access through intelligent MUXs.
There is a fundamental difference between compliance and commitment. That difference is in ownership, which actually refers to the degree that an individual believes that a change will be personally rewarding.
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