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Raw Device Testing
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Scanning beam
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s 4 showed, well-written HTML is pretty boring. But with that boredom comes any number of benefits; chief among them is an excellent separation between form (how your page looks) and content (what your page is saying). By separating these functions, you make your job as a web developer dramatically simpler. Imagine a couple of scenarios: You ve built a beautiful site based on HTML tables. Your client is thrilled so thrilled, in fact, that she asks you to produce a version of the site that can be viewable on handheld devices, such as cell phones. You curse under your breath as you realize you have to re-author the entire site from scratch. In the course of developing a site for another client, you produce a large group of pages that use a daring header text style. When the client sees it, he hates it. You need to change that style to something easier on the eyes! But because you ve put the style definition with every element that uses it, you need to laboriously clamber through your files to change them and hope the client likes this one. These are both very common scenarios. And in both cases, the use of Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, would make the job a lot easier. In the first case, with properly formatted HTML, you can simply keep that file and then apply a new CSS style sheet to get yourself a mobile version. In the second case, every style is named and defined in just one place. Just switch up the style definition and all styles are updated. Sweet. For teams that work on websites, this separation of form and content makes collaboration a lot easier too: While one developer works on the HTML and the content that goes with it, a designer could tweak the styles to his or her heart s content. Style sheets can be defined in one of three ways: Inline. Through the use of the HTML style attribute, you can define a style for a specific element within an HTML file. This is generally bad practice, but it can be necessary, for example, when formatting HTML email.
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Security-Configuration Properties
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Transactions are explained in 51, Managing Transactions, Locking, and Blocking.
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The mandatory variable (MV) part of the message-parameter eld begins with a block of one-octet pointers to the locations of the length elds of the MV parameters (in this example, M through P). In messages of a particular type, this block always starts at the same location, and the pointers appear in a predetermined order. The software entity that reads the message can thus determine the locations of any MV parameter. Name elds are therefore not necessary. The octet following the pointer of the last MV parameter holds the pointer to the rst octet of the optional part of the message-parameter eld, where the OP parameters X through Z are located. Optional parameters can appear in any combination, and in any order, and therefore appear with their name, length, and value elds. When a message does not include optional parameters, the pointer to the optional part of the message is coded 0000 0000. When a message includes optional parameters, an octet coded 0000 0000 follows the value eld of the last parameter. The message structure described above is also used for messages of SCCP. 11.2.3 Call-Control Messages
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Brilliance (photons/s/mm2/mrad2/0.1 % BW) 1023 1022 1021 1020 1019 1018 1017 1016 1015 1014 1013 1012 1011 1010 109 108 107 106 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 Years X-ray tubes First generation Second generation ESRF (1994) Synchrotron radiation ESRF (future) Third generation ESRF (2000) Diffraction limit Free electron lasers
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Interestingly, this block of text is tucked off to the side of the page, as if they secretly understand the value of it (that is, not very much!). Figure 8.3 shows the position of the text on this site the identity of the site has been obscured to protect the innocent. The text itself may appear innocuous enough, but that s the point; it s almost completely worthless as an aid to the site visitor. To have arrived here is to know that this site provides information on a variety of window coverings, and as you can see from the rest of the home page, there are plenty of more visible opportunities to show (rather than tell) what you can find here. What this text most readily accomplishes is to waste precious seconds as the user scans the text for useful information. Finding none, he or she may move on, getting much-needed drapery elsewhere.
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Mis (C)
(x, y) =
Understanding the Lens Crop Factor
120 ms
Taking a photo with Windows Phone is a snap (ahem). Simply enter the Camera app (Figure 5-5), via either the phone s Camera button or by launching the Camera app manually in the Programs list. Then, using the phone s screen as an electronic viewfinder, point the phone at the subject you wish to capture and press the camera button to take the shot. (You can use a half-press here.) The phone will emulate the sound of an old-school camera taking a picture and your photo will be saved to the phone s storage. Simple, right
If we now insert F, and differentiate, we obtain (3.50). Of course, here also the legitimacy of the integration by parts and of the differentiation under the integral sign must be checked but, for the usual h and m, this does not present a problem.
... As with stored procedures, a significant performance hit occurs the first time the function is called while the code is being compiled and stored in memory. Subsequent calls are fast. In comparison to an inline table-valued user-defined function to other SQL Server objects, the performance of an inline function is similar to that of a stored procedure, and about 5 10 percent faster than a view.
(jim) Gate lithography (jim) Oxide thickness (nm) Supply voltage (V) VT 3cr variation
When Remote Storage needs to move the data to a lower level of the storage hierarchy, it interfaces with the removable storage system via the previously described media pools to copy the data to an available media library. You can deploy low-cost storage as a means of continually of oading stale data from the local disks that need space for applications and current data. You can use this strategy as long as you have available secondary, online storage media, such as tape or recordable DVDs or CDs. Remember that HSM is not a substitute for regular backups because only a single instance of the data exists. Make sure that you factor archived data into your backup strategy. Consider installing a system that makes regular, rotation-managed backups of the of ine media.
Command Bar Button Home What It Does Navigates the browser back to your home page (or home pages, as the case may be). This button also includes an optional drop-down menu, which enables you to change your home page(s) and add and remove home page(s). You can also tap Alt+M or Alt+Home to access the home page. Provides access to any RSS feeds or Web Slices that are available in the currently loaded page. Launches the default e-mail client Provides printing facilities that are dramatically improved compared to earlier Internet Explorer versions.
26: Modeling Multi-bodies ............................................................................................807 27: Working with Surfaces ............................................................................................843 28: Employing Master Model Techniques......................................................................877
The Starfire
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