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To use Resize, select a size from the size drop-down, which includes various presets such as small, medium, and large. Or, input a pixel value into the Maximum Dimensions edit box. The value you enter here will be applied to the largest of the image s horizontal and vertical dimensions. For example, suppose you have a 3328 1872 image, which is a widescreen six-megapixel photo. If you set the Maximum Dimensions value to 1920 and click Resize and Save, the resulting photo will be resized to 1920 1080.
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Figure 8.14 shows the same part using the Transform Curve positioning option and Tangent to Curve alignment option. Instead of an offset of the curve going through the centroids of each patterned feature instance, in the Transform Curve, the curve is moved rather than offset. On this particular part, this causes a messy pattern. The Tangent to Curve option gives every patterned instance the same orientation relative to the curve as the original. The Face Normal option is used for a 3D pattern, as shown in Figure 8.15. Although this functionality seems a little obscure, it is useful if you need a 3D curve-driven pattern on a complex surface. If you are curious about this example, it is on the CD-ROM with the filename Reference 3d Curve Driven.sldprt.
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Working with Tabs
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State Explanation
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Getting Started with Windows Vista Ultimate
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Setting Parental Controls
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Using Hole Wizard and Toolbox
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154 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700
The ADO.NET object model is different from the object model used by ADO. The model is more complex yet undeniably richer. The most striking difference is the in-memory data cache known as the DataSet. This ADO.NET object can be divided into two components: the DataSet and the data provider. The DataSet is a special object that contains one or more tables. The data in the DataSet is retrieved from the data source through the provider and stored in the application work
Gaming and Audio Enhancements
Internet Applications
Object SQLServer: Buffer Manager Counter Buffer-cache hit ratio Description The percentage of reads found already cached in memory. Usefulness SQL Server typically does an excellent job of pre-fetching the data into memory. If the ratio is below 95 percent, more memory will improve performance. If CPUs are regularly more than 60 percent active, additional CPU cores or a faster server will increase performance. A good indicator of user activity. Disk throughput is a key hardware performance factor. Splitting the database across multiple disk subsystems will improve performance.
SinglE-SCREEn appliCaTionS and panoRamiC hubS While there will be some differentiation between different Windows Phone applications, Microsoft is supporting two main application types: standard, single-screen applications and panoramic experiences, or hubs. Applications are generally single-screen experiences, though they also often feature a pivot control so that the user can swipe between different sections, or columns, of information. They are usually standalone experiences (like the built-in Calculator and Alarms utilities) and derive content from a single source. They re not usually extensible by third-party developers. Applications, or apps, can be very rich (like a game) or utilize the stock Windows Phone Metro UI for a clean, simple look. A typical single-screen app is shown in Figure 2-40. Hubs, sometimes called panoramic experiences, are one of Windows Phone s strongest selling points. These super applications appear to visually extend far beyond the confines of the Windows Phone screen, and to view the entire experience, you need to scroll, or flick, horizontally. Conceptually speaking, a typical hub resembles Figure 2-41, not all of which will appear on the device s screen at once.
def Invoice.fetch_invoice(inv_id) FasterCSV.foreach( invoices.csv ) do |row| if row[0] == inv_id @client = row[1] @tax = row[2] end end if @client return Invoice.new(@client, @tax) end end
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