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The full dielectric isolation provided by the SOI substrate allows one to fabricate high-voltage devices without the burden of having to use a complicated junction isolation process. Compared to bulk, the advantages of the SOI full dielectric isolation are a higher integration density, no latchup, less leakage current, hightemperature operation, improved noise immunity, easier circuit design, and the possibility to integrate vertical DMOS transistors. Furthermore, power devices can be integrated on the same substrate as CMOS logic to produce "smart power" circuits. Relatively thick films of SIMOX or BESOI with thicknesses ranging from 5
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Rolling out a decentralized (see Figure 12.21), delegated administration model in an organization can be as complicated or as straightforward as you make it. The key to a smooth implementation is the use of a good plan and documenting the entire process. It takes a little more time up front, but saves plenty on the back end. Delegation does work. Its use is widespread throughout large corporations, government, and universities.
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The People hub offers only a few customization options, which are available in the Settings interface. To find this interface, navigate to All Programs, Settings, Applications, and then People. As you can see in Figure 4-20, only a few options are available. 33 Sort list by: With this option, you can determine if names in the People hub s All list are sorted by First name (the default) or Last name. 33 Display names by: Here, you can determine the display order of names in the People hub s All list. The default is First, Last but you may prefer Last, First. (I do.)
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Custom property formatting in the title block
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Network (FSAN) initiative for an ATM-based Passive Optical Network (APON) scheme developed by an international consortium of vendors and rati ed by the ITU-T within the G.983.1 standard (October 1998). A PON is a ber-optic local loop network without active electronics, such as repeaters, which can be both costly and troublesome. Rather, a PON uses inexpensive passive optical splitters and couplers to deliver signals from the network edge to multiple customer premises. The PON splitters are placed at each ber junction, or connection, throughout the network, providing a tremendous fan-out of ber to a large number of end points. By eliminating the dependence on expensive active network elements and the ongoing powering and maintenance costs associated with them, carriers can realize signi cant cost savings. PON technology generally is used in the local loop to connect customer premises to an all- ber network. PON Elements and Con gurations Elements of a PON (Figure 9.13) comprise an Optical Line Terminal (OLT), an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), an Optical Network Unit (ONU), a passive splitter, and optical ber:
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1 Display Slide Master view.
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n Display dimensions flat to screen: The alternative is to show the dimensions parallel to the sketch plane in which they were applied, as shown in Figure B.29.
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5.6.2 Temporal Variations in Fixed Wireless Systems
Am I seriously making a big deal out of one stray pixel There are many people that wouldn t even notice this defect, so why waste your time on it The answer comes down to quality. How much do you care about your product That s not a rhetorical question. In the world of web development, precision counts; an indifferent pixel here and there can add up to a sloppy-looking site. And while the web is littered with sloppy sites, you can bet that their authors aren t around for long to profit from that kind of work. Don t be one of them! Now that you have a fine-looking header row, let s return to the body cells for some final tweaking. As you ll recall, you created a two-column span for your Product header cell. The purpose of this was to provide a single header over two separate columns dedicated to the product: the name of the product and an image. That appears to work well, but I m not happy with the look of these two columns. I want the layout advantage of having the image in its own cell (by default, if the image shares a cell with the name, you ll run into a host of ugly layout issues give it a try if you don t believe me), but I don t want it to look like I ve got separate cells. The solution is to rid each cell of its adjoining borders. From your newfound experience with your header cell s right border, you can likely guess the solution: You re going to apply a class tag to the image and product name cells and then style their borders away. Recall the HTML for the first two cells of the row:
Part VI: Using Advanced Techniques
Organizing or Grouping Objects
Having identified the actual name of the primary key, the sp_indexoption system stored procedure can now set the index lock options:
Information toolbar
View: Allows you to set how the main pane area lists messages:
9.8 COMPARISON OF TRADITIONAL BROADBAND MODEMS In this section we provide a comparative performance evaluation of time-diversity techniques using DFE, space-diversity techniques using a sectored antenna system (SAS), and frequency-diversity techniques using OFDM technology. These results are based on [Fal96], which uses the two-dimensional ray-tracing software described in Section 6.5.4 on the oor plan shown in Fig. 6.40 to provide a comparative performance evaluation of broadband modem technologies applied to WLANs. The test area consists of seven rooms on the second oor of the Atwater Kent Laboratories at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. As described in Section 6.5.4, channel measurements in these rooms reported in [How90c] are used to calibrate a two-dimensional ray-tracing algorithm [Yan94c]. The algorithm is used to generate several hundreds of thousands of channel pro les in the test area. These pro les are used for performance evaluation of various modem design technologies operating in this environment. The QPSK modulation is used with different diversity techniques to provide a fair comparison of the effectiveness of the techniques. The performance criterion was the probability of an outage of 1% from a threshold level of 10 5 in the entire test area. The objective was to provide quantitative results relating bandwidth and power requirements to the maximum data rate of each of the major broadband modem design techniques described earlier in this chapter. Figure 9.33 compares the required transmission power and bandwidth requirement of the OFDM, COFDM, DFE, SAS, and DFE/SAS techniques for a bandwidth-limited channel with a xed bandwidth of 10 MHz. These results are useful for comparative performance evaluation of indoor broadband modem technologies using the 10-MHz unlicensed data-PCS bands at 1.9 GHz. The SAS technology was rst used by Motorola in their pioneering Altair WLAN [Fre91a]. In our example we considered a single-input multiple-output (SIMO) system with an omnidirectional transmitter and six sectored receiver antennas. The DFE was adopted by the HIPERLAN1 standard [Wil95], and the one used in this performance evaluation has three forward and three feedback taps. The OFDM implementation of the MCM is the choice of 802.11a and g and HIPERLAN2. The performance here includes coded using Read Solomon codes of DM. The
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