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Adding Your Site to Directories
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Figure 3-33: Choose Remove from the Home Page menu to delete existing home pages.
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Figure 5.8.26 Chemical state imaging of aluminum standard chemicals using the EXEFS method. Taken from Watanabe et al.140 Reproduced by permission of International Union of Crystallography
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FIGURE 3.23 The result of using Normal To on the end rib angled face
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When possible, use SFTP for all data transfers, given it is an encrypted protocol and will avoid problems created by transfer losses. n
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Yes. Open the Grid and Guides dialog box. Click the p Snap objects to grid option sna changes to ), and ( then click OK. Now when you move an object, it will not automatically snap and align to the gridlines.
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In practice, ontologies are not static, but evolve over time. Support to handle this evolution is needed. This is especially important when ontologies will be used in a decentralized and uncontrolled environment like the Web, where changes occur without coordination. Much more than in a controlled environment, this may have unexpected and unknown results. There are several reasons for changes in ontologies. According to Gruber (1993), an ontology is a speci cation of a conceptualization of a domain. Hence, changes in ontologies can be caused by either:
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driver: Software that allows your computer to interact with its installed devices. Plug and Play: The Windows capability that allows your PC to recognize a new device without requiring a system reboot first. Program Compatibility Wizard: The tool used to check whether a program can run
My favorite option for dealing with the PropertyManager is to detach it from the FeatureManager so that you can see them side by side instead of one or the other. The detachable PropertyManager is new in SolidWorks 2009. To detach it, drag the icon from the tabs out into the graphics area and release. Once detached, the PropertyManager can be moved to a second monitor, floated within the SolidWorks window, or docked. To put it back in its place under the FeatureManager, just drag it back on top of the FeatureManager, allow it to snap into place, and release it. If you do not like the detachable PropertyManager, you can use either the splitter bars to put the FeatureManager on top and the PropertyManager beneath, or use the flyout FeatureManager. When creating or editing a feature, you can access the flyout FeatureManager by double-clicking the name of the feature at the top of the PropertyManager. The flyout FeatureManager is displayed just to the right of the regular FeatureManager, in the main graphics window, and is transparent to allow you to see the model through it. The various ways of combining the FeatureManager and PropertyManager are shown in Figure 2.24.
Routing and Remote Access
Modify the Background
Index density refers to what percentage of the index pages contains data. If the index density is low, SQL Server has to read more pages from the disk to retrieve the index data. The index s fill factor refers to what percentage of the index page contains data when the index is created or defragmented, but the index density will slowly alter during inserts, updates, and deletes. The DBCC DbReIndex command will completely rebuild the index. Using this command is essentially the equivalent of dropping and creating the index with the added benefit of allowing the user to set the fill factor as the index is recreated. In contrast, the DBCC IndexDefrag command will repair fragmentation to the index s fill factor but will not adjust the target fill factor. The next command recreates the indexes on the Frag table and sets the fill factor to 98 percent:
Modeling in Context
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