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5: Extending WordPress with Plugins
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Figure 4.44 Insertion loss and phase shift of modi ed split ring balun. f = 800 to 900 MHz.
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Figure 17-6: Delete User dialog box.
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hen you buy a Mac, it comes with pretty much everything you need to be a web developer; grab yourself a free text editor and an open-source file transfer client, and you re good to go. But when it comes to actually designing a website, there s nothing that can beat Adobe Photoshop. And it s definitely not free. In this chapter, I m going to start off by justifying why you need Photoshop to build websites. With that done, I show you how to use it. In the right hands, Photoshop gives you the ultimate power to build a website from your and your clients imagination. Unfortunately, power isn t cheap. A brand-new Photoshop CS4 (at the time of this writing, CS5 had not yet been released) license will set you back a cool $700. Yes, you can definitely find it for less: Search Google, and you can find prices under $500. And who knows With the power of eBay or Craigslist, you may find yourself with a real deal on a recent version. But there s no doubt about it. I ve been building websites for 12 years, and I haven t run into anyone who doesn t use Photoshop. Designers pass around PSD files like office workers lob DOCs. If you work with anyone else in this business, you need to read their documents. The good news is that Photoshop is a brilliant program that gives you the freedom to create anything you want. Here s a brief list of Photoshop s top features: Bitmap image editing. Photoshop is, first and foremost, a tool for manipulating the individual pixels in an image. This is called bitmap editing. Contrast this with vector editing, which treats objects as points in space. The web is a bitmap world, while vectors are predominantly used in print. That s why print designers use Adobe Illustrator. Layers. Other applications have adopted layers, but Photoshop provides the most power here. Layers allow you to stack objects in a very intuitive way: The more layers you create, the better control you have over your composition. You can organize your layers into groups and even nest groups for better organization. When the number of layers grows into the dozens or hundreds, you ll appreciate this feature.
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9.7 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD DIAGNOSTIC SCANNERS Another diagnostic tool for PCB diagnostic work is a scanner containing a planar array of tiny near-field current probes arranged in a grid on a flatbed top interfaced to a personal computer and spectrum analyzer. The grid array of probes are embedded in a multilayer PCB and covered by a protective surface to prevent damage when a PCB under test is placed on the platform. The output of each current probe can be turned on or off by software, with resulting field strengths sent to a spectrum analyzer for a visual view of the field strength intensity of an entire PCB at the
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Figure 7-21: A listing of your subscription newsgroups.
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Getting Started with Windows Vista Ultimate
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Together with the side condition C, rP- S f dr sponding to the minimizing f o should satisfy
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to 5 dB. These values are not dropped as is S11 due to the existence of three rather than two ports. Regardless, they can be ignored because they do not play any negative role to the simulated parameters. Simulation 4 is conducted for the transformer balun with three parts added. Figure 4.18 is the simulation setup with the transformer; Figures 4.19 and 4.20 show the insertion loss, phase shift, and return loss. It can be found that at the operating frequency, fo = 7128 MHz, there is not a big difference in performance between simulations 3 and 4, except
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Fig. 5.16 Suppose, however, that we had chosen two different circles, which do not intersect, as in Fig. 5.16. Their equations are
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