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The Realities of the Flat World
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RB ( , , f, f + f ) = PB ( , f ) ( )
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It is important for the reader to have a basic appreciation of the general components that make up a wireless LAN system. At the most basic level, the three building blocks are the radio, Medium Access Control (MAC), and the baseband. The radio front-end is composed of three discrete components: power amplifier (PA), intermediate frequency (IF) converter or Zero IF (ZIF), and the modem. The PA's
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lem is and permits one to investigate further. Field patches include the following devices [1]: 1. Ferrite Material. Ferrites play a significant role in the removal of undesired EMI. Ferrites are produced in every shape, configuration, constructional material, and means of application conceivable. Ferrites are produced from various mixtures composed of iron, nickel, manganese, zinc, or magnesium oxides in a binder. By varying the composition of these different ferrite materials, the losses or attenuation of the ferrite can be controlled over selected frequency ranges or bands. The resultant material is a hard and brittle substance. The major considerations as to which material is required for a particular application depends upon frequency of concern, bandwidth of performance, and impedance required. Ferrites feature the magnetic property known as permeability, which is a frequency-dependent parameter. The amount of attenuation or suppression is also dependent upon the permeability of the material, the size of the ferrite, and the frequency of the energy to be suppressed. The impedance of the ferrite is composed of an inductive part and a resistive part, as shown in the simplified illustration of Figure 9.1. The inductive reactance L( f ) of the circuit contributes to the insertion loss at lower frequencies while the lossy resistive R( f ) part attenuates higher frequency signals. The inductive portion of the material can be raised by increasing the number of turns of wire through the ferrite core base. Normally, it is not recommended to exceed more than three or four turns due to increasing the interwinding capacitance C(f), thus lowering the resonant frequency of operation. The impedance of a ferrite is described by the equation Z = R(f ) + j2 f L(f ) (9.1)
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elcome to the Search Engine Optimization Bible. Search engine optimization has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. In the strictest sense, SEO is about the on-page and off-page design strategies you can use to improve your search engine ranking. This usually means tweaking your web site, using design elements and content. And in most cases, it also means spending no money at all. SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is not just SEO. More accurately, SEM includes PPC or pay-perclick advertising. Search engine marketing is about doing whatever you need to do to ensure that your web site ranks as high as possible in search engine results. This means not only that you make the needed changes to your web-site design, but that you also employ other tactics, like using a paid advertising program or investing in content strategies. I lump them all into one category. The ultimate goal of SEM is to bring more people to your web site. And you can do that by improving your search engines results. You can also do that by taking advantage of a growing phenomenon on the Web, social media. Social media is a viral form of sharing information on the Web. You might think of it as a more sophisticated method of sharing your favorites or information that you think will interest other people. And using social media to improve the traffic to your web site is called Social Media Marketing, or SMM. I vote we do away with the alphabet soup completely. All these marketing efforts have one thing in common: reaching your target audience. And today anyone who is not an SEO purist places all these marketing methods under the SEM umbrella. All of them are methods for optimizing your web site for the audience that you re trying to reach. And as social media grow in popularity, they re going to be affected by and included in search engine results as well. Every now and then, you need to step away from the crowd and stop doing what everyone else is doing. In SEO, stepping out alone is usually rewarded with better traffic results. Everyone is doing the same thing. And that doesn t mean that you shouldn t. What it means is that you should do the same thing in a different way. And that s where the Search Engine Optimization Bible comes in. Throughout the pages that follow, I ll show you the best practices for search engine optimization and provide insight into the theory behind the strategies that you ll learn. These strategies are tested. They work. For thousands of web sites. Use them to build on. Follow the best practices of search engine optimization but do it creatively. Try something different. That s how blogs became such a huge phenomenon. It s how social bookmarking and social communities caught on. Someone looked at marketing in a different way and came up with a new angle.
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Annotation views
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POP = Point of Presence LATA = Local Access and Transport Area
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Configure advanced user profile properties
Often, in a client/server application, more processes are involved besides the database client and the database-server process. Middle tiers are often employed to handle connection handling, connection pooling, and business logic. A middle tier that handles connections is useful because multiple users can take advantage of a few constantly open connections to the database server. This type of connection, however, affects the way the database server can authenticate individual users. The database-security plan will have to take this into account. In a situation in which more than one server may be available, a common connection object makes it easier to switch the users from Server A to Server B if Server A should go down. The connection object becomes a single point that could automatically detect the situation and switch to Server B. This type of solution works well with database mirroring. Placing the business rules and data abstraction layer within a logical tier makes sense for ease of development and maintenance. The question is where to physically locate this logical tier. Some developers argue that the middle-tier logical layer should be in its own server, written in .NET and separate from the database server. I disagree for two reasons: Business rules and database constraints should be enforced at the database server physical level so they can never be bypassed by any user application or process. Coding the business rules at the database server level also gives the code faster access to database lookups and improves performance. The only downsides to coding the business rules within the server are that the programmer must learn server-side programming and the database application is more difficult to port to other database products.
Like LDAP, NIS+ is object oriented. Thus, we introduce the components of the service by first introducing the types of objects that it manages. NIS+ objects are structural elements used to build and define the NIS+ namespace. These objects are always separated by dots when they are expressed. This point will make more sense as we provide examples of NIS+ objects. There are five basic NIS+ object types. The first type of object is the directory object. Directory objects are similar to Unix file system directories. Unlike Unix directories, however, they do not contain files. They can contain one or more other objects, such as table objects, group objects, entry objects, or link objects. Like the Unix file system, directory objects form an inverted treelike structure, with the root domain (root directory) at the top and the subdomains branching downward. They are used to divide the namespace into different parts. Each domain-level directory object contains the org_dir and groups_dir directory objects for the corresponding domain (the ctx_dir directory is present only if you are running FNS). The org_dir directory objects contain table objects for that domain.
(10.A.60) (10.A.61) (10.A.62)
Figure 21.3-2. Tag value assignment and acquisition.
VB .NET and the Web
Playing Tennis
3. Click Customize. The dialog box shown in Figure 25.4 appears.
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