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Yes. Right-click the file in the search results and click Properties. The Properties dialog box appears. In the Properties dialog box, you can view a variety of information about your file.
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Architecture may seem like an odd word to describe a computer network, but all it means in this context is which networking model you want to use. You have two basic choices, peer-to-peer and client/server.
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What can be driven by a design table
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Output signal to detector
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Assembly configurations are discussed in 14. Design tables are discussed in 10. n
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I cannot find the command I want in the selected category. Is there another place to look
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Chap. 30). A block diagram of its sensor is shown in Figure 6.4. It contains two sensors in one package. The RF signal that enters the sensor diode bulkhead is converted to an electrical signal in the diode and then passes through the load lter that controls the low pass bandwidth of the signal. The 300 kHz setting is for TDMA signals such as GSM. The 1.5 MHz setting is for narrowband CDMA signals. The 5 MHz setting is for wideband CDMA signals. Two measurement paths are provided in the sensor head. The normal path is for high-speed sampled measurements that can be time gated to show amplitude variation as a function of time. This is the default path. The average only path measures the total RF power. This is the most accurate measurement of total power because none of the power is ltered out by the time gating. Power can be measured from 265 to 20 dBm in this mode.
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Notice that I used the Insert Mirror Part command, but the PropertyManager says Insert Part. The Mirror Part functionality uses the Insert Part function, but adds a feature to mirror the body once it is inserted. Notice all the entity types you can transfer, and the fact that you can break the link to the original part. Also note that the template used for this part was chosen based on the settings at Tools Options Default Templates Always Use These Default Document Templates or Prompt User To Select Document Template. n
FIGURE 22.17
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