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12: Organizing, Fixing, and Sharing Digital Photos
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Because machines are responsible for parsing your site, you see better results when your code is machine-friendly. This is a big reason for the wide adoption of the xHTML standard, which packages your HTML in an XML document format. When your page validates correctly, an xHTML document is more readily understood by the search engines than your average HTML page. The first step, then, is to ensure that your code validates against the document type that you re using.
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16: Ruby Introduction
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submarine cables, backbone LANs, interof ce trunking, computer-to-computer or cabinet-to-cabinet (e.g., mainframes and PBXs) connectivity, distribution networks (e.g., CATV), and certain ber-to-desktop applications [e.g., Computer Aided Design (CAD)]. Unfortunately, ber optics has other applications as well. While I have not seen any ber-optic mbenge (see Section 2.3.9), I have heard from reliable sources in South Africa that reels of ber-optic cable have disappeared. The buffered ber later turned up at ea markets, where it was being sold as re lls for string trimmers. While the ying glass shards could be dangerous, I suppose that you could trim your lawn with the speed of light. A delegate in a seminar I was teaching in Namibia recently told me that ber cables were disappearing there as well. Apparently, some of the local criminal gangs got the bright idea that they could strip out the Kevlar strength members and stuff them into the door panels of the automobiles to bulletproof them. (Some criminals really are not all that bright!)
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N OT E Live Upgrade can be used to upgrade file systems that are under
CHAPTER 11 Buses
Increasing RAM
If you want to cache data, you should use the function wp_cache_add(). This function takes two required arguments (an ID number and the data that is to be stored), a third that is entirely optional ($flag, which denotes a group of cached objects), and a fourth that is optional and unused, so it is unnecessary to include ($expire). The first required argument of the wp_cache_add() function is an ID number. You can set this to whatever you want but make it unique. If the cache key (referred to in some caching systems as the serial number) is not unique, then using this function will replace the existing data. Please be very careful with how you use cache keys so as not to invalidate perfectly valid cached data. If you wish to group sets of data, you can assign a group identifier, or $flag, as an optional third argument. Together, the $flag and the ID denotes a unique address from which to access cached data. The fourth argument, also optional, is not used in WordPress yet, but presumably will be at some point.
SelectionIndent (Public Instance Property)
As in previous versions of Windows NT, domain controller placement is still a consideration in the logon process. This is further predicated by the creation of sites and multiple domains. Domain controllers must be
22: Using Annotations and Symbols
Using the Classic Start Menu
If you re familiar with Windows operating systems, you know these games. Some of them go back as far as Windows 3.1. They ve all been given a terrific facelift and Microsoft has updated their audio. Each has a Help file to assist you in learning the rules, and this is new to Vista they spawn pop-up help balloons when the computer thinks you need them. In addition, most of the games keep statistics of how often you play and how often you win!
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