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35 Transferring Databases
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Appendix E: WordPress Vendors and Professional Services
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50 Query Analysis and Index Tuning
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This interface provides a grid of icons, each representing open browser tabs. Each icon provides two ways for you to identify the underlying web page, including a thumbnail representation of the page and the page s title, in text, below the icon. (Or, at least part of it. Longer web page names get cut off.) To add a new browser tab, tap the Add (+) Application Bar button at the bottom of the screen. IE will open a new browser tab and an empty page will appear in the browser. From here, you can navigate to a new page by typing an address manually in the Address Bar or by selecting a Favorite. To display a different tab, simply tap the appropriate icon in the Tabs display. IE will switch to that tab immediately.
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Photoblogs are blogs that features photography in regularly updated intervals. They are usually sites that exist to showcase a blogger s photography, but might include articles as well. Because photoblogs tend to be about visual impact, photobloggers tend to take a more free-spirited, artistic approach to theme design, often with stunning results. As with traditional themes, those photoblog themes that direct viewers to the heart of the content are the most compelling. Photoblogging began gaining in popularity a few years ago as sharing other rich media, such as videos and audio, became more prevalent. Photographers began taking advantage of the low barrier to entry with blogging and including it in their trade. Photoblogging was a natural extension of this crossover. Some of the best photoblogs in WordPress use themes that showcase photos one at a time. Many also have a visual browser that enables people to scan other recent photos as well. Photos might be grouped together in a thematic way (black and white photography, events, architecture) using WordPress categories. Most photographers who photoblog also include Exchangeable Image Format (EXIF) information, which provides camera settings and insight into how various pictures were taken. At their core, photobloggers want to display their photography and relevant information about a photo with the EXIF data, or tags. In this way, photobloggers are really no different than other bloggers.
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Support, Stability, and Security
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FIGURE 7.6 This is where you tweak Windows Aero s color scheme and transparency.
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Press End.
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Figure 11.3 Typical USB port on an external device
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Each menu style is quite different. Some offer an animated video preview running behind the menu text, while others offer multiple video previews, running simultaneously, or even animated menu text that flies in from the sides of the screen. Be sure to experiment here.
IXC Domain
Another way to protect the registry or portions thereof is to apply permissions on individual keys to restrict access to those keys. In this way, you can allow certain users or groups access to certain parts of the registry and deny access to others. However, use this capability sparingly. Changing the Access Control List (ACL) for a registry key incorrectly could prevent the system from booting. Either avoid con guring the ACL for preexisting keys and change only those keys you create yourself, or be very careful with the changes you make. In Regedit, select the key or subkey on which you want to set permissions. Choose Edit Permissions to access the Permissions dialog box (see Figure 9-4). Add and remove users and groups as needed, and then set permissions for each. For more information about setting permissions, see 17.
The options are to run the snapshot agent under a Windows account or the SQL Server Agent service account (the default for SQL Server 2000). Some DBAs felt that this gave the snapshot agent too many rights, so in SQL Server 2005 you have the option to select a lower-privilege account to run the snapshot agent under. This account is used when writing the snapshot files to the server running the snapshot share. You also have the option to select the account your snapshot agent will use to connect to the publisher. In SQL Server 2000 this had to be a system administrator account. In SQL Server 2005 you can use a lower-privilege account. It is recommended that you use a Windows account, as it uses a higher level of encryption than what is available when using a SQL authentication account. If you do choose to generate the script, the next dialog box will enable you to specify where you want the script file generated. Otherwise, you will get an article summary dialog box in which you can name your publication. You will then get a dialog displaying the status of the creation of your publication. Next, you must create a subscription to your publication, a topic covered in the section Creating Subscriptions.
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in the near future to realize mixed-signal systems, such as a radio-on-a-chip, based on a mainstream, submicrometer CMOS technology. Future CMOS technology is anticipated to offer not only very high-speed digital functions but also highperformance analog and RF functions in a monolithic form. In this chapter, we have reviewed and summarized critical issues in developing such CMOS technology and its state of the art for multifunction mixed-signal applications.
In Figure 5.12, the first centerpoint has already been referenced, and the cursor is trying to find the centerpoint of the other end of the slot.
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