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What s the big deal about enabling users to obtain and install their own applications First, users really do not understand (for the most part) software piracy laws and how easily they can run afoul of them. Many people borrow software from friends and family, often unaware that they are committing a felony that carries a penalty of as much as 20 years in jail. Falling victim to software piracy laws is very easy. All that s necessary is for one disgruntled employee to report that your company steals software, and the ensuing raid by the software piracy police makes an IRS raid seem like Sunday at the church fund-raiser. If application usage is managed by the IT department and only technical-support people can install software, the risk is greatly reduced. Software metering and strict adherence to licensing requirements can keep the CEO or CIO out of jail. Enabling users to install their own software can cause administrative burdens to go through the roof. Most users do not understand the changes that an operating system undergoes whenever software is installed on the operating system. Software should also be distributed from a central location or server. This practice saves technicians from needing to make the trip to the users desktops for the installation. Remote software deployment or electronic software distribution goes a long way toward keeping administrative burden to a minimum. To protect your company from extensive application support and administrative burden, users need to use only the applications that are approved or sanctioned by the company. The best way to manage this approach is to create groups or collections of users and assign to them various applications. These groups and collections can be named after the applications that the members use, such as Of ce07Users and AcrobatUsers.
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Spectrogram. The best known example of a shift-invariant time-frequency distribution is the spectrogram, described in detail in An interest7. ing relationship between the spectrogram and the Wigner distribution can be established [26]. order to explain this, the short-time Fourier transform is In expressed in the form
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Since only four MPCs carry energy, only four Rake ngers are effectively used. If the 1 , . . . , 4 are independent, the joint pdf of f 1 ... 4 ( 1 , . . . , 4 ) = f 1 ( 1 ) . . . f 4 ( 4 ) (see also Eq. 13.39): BER = d 1 pdf 1 ( 1 )
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Figure 9.2 Example entity rendering
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6 Enter #ffffff (or another contrasting color) as the text color property in the Properties bar.
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Although the focus of this makeover is on the layout, take a moment to add two general HTML styles for the body and p elements. The margin-top rule for the body sets the top margin to 0 pixels, while the other two rules set basic text formatting. I talk more about text makeovers in 5.
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The n primary electrons, once produced at below the 12.1 eV ionization threshold, may acquire further energy from the electric eld in the place they are located (usually the absorption region in Figure 4.2.2) and at the same time lose energy through elastic an inelastic collisions. Noble gases being monoatomic have neither rotational nor vibrational states, but only electronic states. The rst four states of Xe lie at 8.32, 8.44, 9.45 and 9.57 eV above the ground state. Therefore for electrons with energies below 8.32 eV no inelastic (excitation) collisions can take place and so the only way electrons can lose energy is through recoil of a Xe atom in elastic collisions. Classical mechanics teaches us that if an electron, with energy E and mass m = 5.4858 10 4 u, collides with a Xe atom (average mass M = 131.293 u) at
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configuring PicTure hub oPTionS
5. Select the Remote tab (if it is not already selected) and then select the Allow
Physical Channel Segmentation
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Figure 4.10. Representative log(ID)-VGS behavior of an RF-sputtered ZTO-channel TFT on (a) 40-nm AlPO and (b) 100-nm SiO2 gate dielectrics on unpatterned p++ Si gate electrodes. Channel and Al S/D contacts were de ned with shadow masks. Dielectric lms were annealed at 600 C prior to channel deposition, whereas the completed stack was annealed at 300 C.
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