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Inline Table-Valued Functions
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} A:link { Text-decoration:none; Color:blue; } A:hover { Text-decoration:underline; Color:red; } A:visited { Text-decoration:none; Color:blue; } --> </style> </head> <body> Here is a line without any style. <P> <Table> <Tr> <Td> Here is some text in the table that has some style! </Td> </Tr> </Table> <P> <A Href="http://www.idg.com/">Visit IDG</A> </body>
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This example uses the TextBox control in two ways: The first is to create a traditional HTML text box, and the second is to create an HTML text area. By default, the TextBox control uses a single-line control, so in order to switch the control to a multiline control, you must specify textmode="MultiLine" as an attribute of the control. This page uses a single Label control to display both the greeting message and the message that gives the user's name and address. This is changed with a button click event. The second Label control informs you when an event is initiated. This event is tied to the Text1 TextBox control. OnTextChange raises an event when the user leaves the control. In order to use this, you need to set the autopostback to True as well. It is also possible to set the value of the TextBox control so that when the page renders for the first time, there is a message within the box itself. There are two ways of assigning the value. The first way is within the Page_Load event: Text1.Text = "Enter your name here." The other way of doing this is to assign it with an attribute within the control itself: <asp:textbox id="text1" runat="server" text="Enter your name here." />
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26: WordPress.com and the Automattic Products
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Show icon and notifications: In this case, the icon appears directly in the notifica-
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When you initially log in to WordPress MU, you ll notice a striking resemblance to the WordPress Admin you were familiar with before. WordPress MU is based on the same code as the single version of WordPress, but has key differences. One of the main differences in WordPress Admin is it includes a Site Admin panel in the navigation pane on the left side of the screen, as shown in Figure 22.3.
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1. Open the Creative Styles menu. Press the Custom button. Through the Quick Navigation
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13: Software Installs and Updates ........................................................................... 315
6. Now that everything is in place, click the Make Smart Component tool on the assembly toolbar. If the button is not there, you can add it to the assembly toolbar by selecting Tools Customize menu, or by selecting Tools Make Smart Component. The resulting interface is shown in Figure 19.9.
Note: If you see two Format tabs, click either.
BW =1.560 - 1.310 = 0.250 GHz
3: WordPress, SEO, and Social Media Marketing
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