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Part I
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However, the good news is that there are many items that can be driven by a design table. Table 10.1 lists these items, along with their associated syntax.
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The theory is based on the principle that people will correctly assess the uncertainties facing them (look) and make rational decisions (leaps) so as to maximize their expected gain. But my father understood that life was so complicated that this could not easily be adhered to in practice. A few sentences later he writes: It is even utterly beyond our power to plan a picnic or to play a game of chess according to this principle. But he believed it was at least a good starting place for a theory of decision making. In point of fact, he has been proven wrong in the particular case of chess; today, computer programs are the reigning champions. So score one for rationality. But when it comes to decision making under uncertainty by humans using their bare brains, experiments show that even sophisticated people often behave irrationally. For example, when subjects are presented with a hypothetical medical decision between one procedure that has a 90 percent chance of saving a patient s life and another procedure that has a 10 percent chance of letting the patient die, they generally prefer the rst, even though they are mathematically equivalent.2 I myself don t believe that all decisions can or even should be made rationally. Creating art, for example, requires at least tacit decision making, yet art that springs from rationality instead of emotion is contrived. My position is that decisions are made using the seat of the intellect at one extreme and the seat of the pants at the other and that the best decisions are those upon which both extremities agree. Because of his early work on decision making in the face of uncertainty, my father is often considered also to be one of the founding fathers of decision analysis.3 (Does that make me its brother ) However, the eld was not formally de ned until the mid-1960s by Professor Ronald A. Howard of Stanford University.4 I no doubt picked up a good deal of my knowledge of the subject at the family dinner table over the years, but my formal exposure to decision analysis came from auditing Howard s class at Stanford in the mid-1990s after I had started teaching there. Just as you can actually see the minute hand move on a very large clock, you could sense yourself getting smarter in his class. I have heard many others describe their eye-opening experiences in this course on rational thinking; ironically, in quite emotional terms.
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breaks for value 0. The nominal length of a break is 60 ms (Fig. 3.2-2). The breaks in a string are separated by make intervals of nominally 40 ms. Consecutive digits are separated by an interdigital interval of at least some 300 ms. Dual-Tone Multifrequency (DTMF) Address Signals. Around 1960, it became practical to place transistor oscillators in telephone sets, and this led to the development of DTMF address signaling [3 5]. Figure 3.2-1(b) shows a DTMF telephone, which includes a keypad (KP) that controls a dual-tone oscillator (O). When a subscriber depresses one of the keys on the keypad (KP), oscillator (O) produces two simultaneous tones. A digit is represented by a particular combination of two frequencies: one selected from a low group (697, 770, 852, 941 Hz) and the other selected from a high group (1209, 1336, 1477, 1633 Hz). This allows 16 digit values, but only 12 of these are implemented on the keypads: digit values 1, 2, . . . , 0, and the special values * and #. The DTMF frequency combinations have been standardized by ITU-T [6]: Digit Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 # 3.2.4 Ringing Signal Frequencies (Hz) 697 and 697 and 697 and 770 and 770 and 770 and 852 and 852 and 852 and 941 and 941 and 941 and 1209 1336 1477 1209 1336 1447 1209 1336 1477 1209 1336 1477
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The amount of time each slide is shown during the side show is set here. The options are 1 second, the default 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 30 seconds.
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Serial Port Configuration (Terminals and Modems)
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1: Introducing SolidWorks
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Another technique for displaying mates is to split the FeatureManager and to show the PropertyManager in one pane. As a result, any parts that are selected show their mates in the PropertyManager pane. If two selected parts have mates in common, then the common mates appear in bold type, as shown in Figure 12.16. This is an extremely useful method for looking at mates.
Assembly FeatureManagers are hard enough to manage when they become full of parts; they become even more unmanageable when they also need to include the many types of fastener parts. As a result, I recommend organizing fasteners, as well as any other type of part that is found in large quantity in the assembly, into folders, as shown in Figure 17.20. You should also group parts of the same size or function together.
STRUCTURES OF STRIP DETECTORS breakdown voltage up to 500 V are produced routinely (Andricek et al., 2000). This allows not only to build thicker detectors but also to use thinner detectors with bias voltages much higher than the full depletion voltage, which helps to reduce the charge collection time and the charge spread due to diffusion. Given the fact that there is practically no technological limitation on the precision of strip layout of silicon strip detectors one can easily match the strip pitch to the intrinsic spatial resolution so that the resulting spatial resolution is minimally affected by the detector layout. Due to low absorption coef cient, silicon devices are suitable for high precision position sensitive measurements of low energy X-rays, up to approximately 20 keV. For this low energy range the noise of readout electronics and the achievable signal-to-noise ratio are the limiting factors to be taken into account. The readout electronics will be discussed later, however, already at this point it should be mentioned that the detector geometry, in particular the strip pitch that determines the interstrip capacitance, affects the signal-to-noise ratio. Thus, in order to optimize the layout of a silicon strip detector for a given experiment one has to take into account all the discussed issues. It is worth noting that silicon strip detectors and readout electronics are usually designed as full custom devices. Such an approach is affordable mainly because silicon strip detectors and readout ASICs are manufactured using mature industrial processes. A designer does not need to interfere with details of technology and, in fact, in most cases is not allowed to modify the technology. Of course, there are some drawbacks of such an approach but great advantages are relatively low cost and fast turn around time for prototyping. Single-sided Silicon Strip Detectors Starting from a p+ -n silicon detector structure one can make a single-sided strip detector by splitting off one of the electrodes, either on the junction side or on the ohmic side, into individual strips. Since the mobility of electrons and holes in silicon differ only by a factor of 3 the collection times
This book is organized to lead you through the basics of the Ubuntu Linux distribution features, from installing your system to using the installed applications. The book is divided into five parts, each one building on the previous parts. Part 1 starts you out on your Ubuntu Linux journey by helping you get your Ubuntu system running. 1, What Is Ubuntu walks through the complicated world of Linux distributions, describing why there are so many distributions and what the Ubuntu
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