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Part II
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23.4 Entropy Coding
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In general, the optimality andusefulness of extracted featuresfor discrimination is highly dependent on the algorithm that is used to carry out the discrimination. Thus, the feature extraction method described in this example is not meant to be optimal for all applications. However, it shows how a high proportion of information about a process can be stored within a features. few For more details on classification algorithms and further transforms feature for extraction, see [59, 44, 167, 581.
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Who Should Read This Book
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FIGURE 15.3 The DirectX Diagnostic Tool is accessible from the Start Menu.
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Create a new camera by right-clicking the Lights, Cameras and Scene folder. Use the steps I outlined earlier to attach the camera to the midpoint of the short side of the triangular sled, and target the pointy end of the sled. Be careful to not position or aim the camera such that it is half buried in the floor of the track or pointed at the floor. You want the camera to point in a direction parallel to the floor.
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Table 17-1: File Structure of New Project Table 17-2: File Extensions
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80 Source dimension ( m) Vertical dimension Horizontal dimension
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< include( ../library/includes.php ); // collect values from form $id = strip_tags($_POST[ id ]); $date = strip_tags($_POST[ game_date ]); $visiting_team = strip_tags($_POST[ visiting_team ]); $home_team = strip_tags($_POST[ home_team ]); $visiting_score = strip_tags($_POST[ visiting_score ]); $home_score = strip_tags($_POST[ home_score ]); $insert = mysql_query( update games set game_date=STR_TO_ DATE( .$date. , %Y-%m-%d ), visiting_team= .$visiting_ team. , home_team= .$home_team. , visiting_ score= .$visiting_score. , home_score= .$home_score. where id= .$id. ); if($insert) { header( Location: ../games.php message=Game updated! ); } else {
As you can tell from this chapter, there are plenty of customized settings involved in a well-running Evolution setup. You ll want to ensure that you have a good backup of your Evolution environment so you don t have to configure all of those settings again should you lose your Evolution installation. The easiest way to save your Evolution settings is to use the Backup Settings feature in the File menu. The backup feature creates an archive file that contains the system settings for your Evolution accounts, along with all email messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments you have stored. To create the archive file, Evolution must first be shut down so that it can access all of the files necessary for the backup process. A Notice dialog box appears, asking whether that s all right and whether you want to restart Evolution after the backup completes. Once you create the backup archive file, it s a good idea to remove it from your system and store it in a safe place, such as on a USB Memory Stick. If you lose your Evolution settings or data, you can easily restore them by using the Restore Settings feature in the File menu or by selecting the backup archive file in the setup wizard.
lthough operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X have offered calendaring applications for years, Microsoft has historically sold such functionality as part of its Office and Works productivity suites instead of adding it directly to Windows. In Windows Vista, however, the company reversed course, and briefly offered Windows users an application-based calendaring solution as part of their favorite operating system. Sadly, this application, Windows Calendar, was removed from Windows 7. But fear not: in addition to its Windows Live Calendar Web service (part of the company s wider Windows Live efforts), Microsoft also offers an application-based calendaring solution as part of the Windows Live Essentials suite. Oddly enough, it s called Windows Live Mail, and while it can, of course, be used for e-mail and contacts management, as described in 21, this application also provides attractive and full-featured calendaring options, including tasks functionality, the capability to subscribe to remote calendars, and even a way to publish your own calendars for others to use. This chapter examines this interesting and useful new Windows 7 application and the Web service on which it s based.
Figure 3.18. Structure of the (N2H4)2ZnTe chains in -(N2H4)2ZnTe, with the atom labeling shown. For clarity, atoms are represented as spheres, with uniform sizes selected for each atom type.
The test statistic h is arbitrary, except that h ( x 6') = h(zl assumed to be a monotone increasing function of 8. Let
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