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weights w are adapted directly in such a way that the deviation of the combiner output from the (known) training sequence is minimized. As a criterion for the deviation we can use the SIR, the Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE), the Bit Error Rate (BER) during the training sequence, or any other suitable criterion. These criteria and their advantages and disadvantages have already been discussed in 13 (we stress again that smart antennas with diversity combining at the RX is the standard diversity that we have discussed in 13). In particular, the SINR is maximized by optimum combining. The linear weights lead to the creation of an effective antenna array pattern, but this pattern need not have an intuitive interpretation. There are also no assumptions about the existence of discrete DOAs. A major dif culty in TR algorithms is the fact that the RX must be synchronized to the incoming signal before the determination of the antenna weights can be done. This is required because the sampling instants for the determination of the training sequence have to be known before the weights can be adapted. However, the SINR for the (spatially un ltered) receive signal can be very poor and can make synchronization to the desired training sequence dif cult. In summary, the TR algorithms proceed according to the following steps (see Figure 20.6): 1. During a training phase, the smart antenna receives the signal at all antenna elements, and adjusts the weights in such a way that the deviation from the known signal is minimized. 2. During the transmission of the user data, the antenna weights stay xed and are used to weight the incoming signals before they are combined and decoded/demodulated.
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The following example uses some of the methods you just looked at to read the text file you created earlier and then write the output to the system console. Dim fsIn As FileStream = New FileStream("C:\MyFile.txt", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read) Dim sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader(fsIn) While sr.Peek() > -1 console.WriteLine(CStr(sr.ReadLine)) End While sr.Close() To iterate the text in the file, you use the Peek method, which returns a 1 until the end of the file is reached. If you need to read the whole file at once, and not line by line, use the ReadToEnd method as shown here: Dim fs As FileStream = New FileStream("C:\test.txt", FileMode.Open) Dim sr As New StreamReader(fs) MsgBox(sr.ReadToEnd) Returns Figure 10-8.
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Table 43-1 describes the differences in these forms of authentication. Table 43-1: Authentication Providers Authentication Provider Windows Description Windows authenticati on is used together with IIS authenticati on. Authenticati on is performed by IIS in the following ways: basicdigest- or Integrated Windows Authenticati on. When IIS authenticati on is completeASP.NET uses the authenticate d identity to authorize access. Requests that are not authenticate d requests are redirected to an HTML form using HTTP clientside redirection. The user provides his login information and submits the form. If the application authenticate s the request- the system issues a form that contains the credentials
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3: Installing Ubuntu
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The MonthName function returns a string value containing the name of the specified integer value of the month of the date passed. The MonthName function has the following two arguments: Month: The numeric value of the month ranging from 1 to 13. If the calendar you are using is a 12-month calendar and you pass the number 13, an empty string is returned. Abbreviate: Optional Boolean value indicating whether the return value should be abbreviated. The default value is false. strMonth = MonthName(8, True) strMonth = MonthName(8) ' Returns August Dim strMonth As String
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Me.SqlUpdateCommand1.Connection = Me.SqlConnection1
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Optical storage on CD media has many attractive features: long-lasting media, good speed, imperviousness to magnetic fields, and readability on just about every PC in use today. Now that writeable optical, especially CD-R and CD-RW (Compact Disc Rewriteable), has become affordable, and you can buy 650MB CD-R and CD-RW discs for US$2 apiece, it s a great choice for backup and data exchange. Your basic CD-ROM drive can read regular CD-ROMs and CD-Rs, and, if it s multiread compatible, CD-RWs. If you re thinking of upgrading your CD-ROM drive, don t just get a faster CD-ROM drive, get a burner a device that can create CD-R and CD-RW discs as well as read all three kinds of CDs. These devices turn up the laser power in write mode and use low power in read mode. You won t spend much more money, and you ll get great technology for making backup copies of your data and even programs. If you exchange data with others, burning a CD beats making a Zip disk, in that you don t have to ask if the recipient has a CD-ROM drive (because CD-ROM drives are standard equipment on today s PCs).
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Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook, By Ray Horak Copyright 2007 Ray Horak
If a transaction is waiting for a lock, it will continue to wait until the lock is available. By default no timeout exists it can theoretically wait forever. Fortunately, you can set the lock time using the set lock_timeout connection option. Set the option to a number of milliseconds or set it to infinity (the default) by setting it to -1. Setting the lock_timeout to 0 means that the transaction will instantly give up if any lock contention occurs at all. The application will be very fast, and very ineffective. The following query sets the lock timeout to two seconds (2,000 milliseconds):
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