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The Hole Wizard does not specifically allow you to cut slots, nor is there a Slot feature. However, SolidWorks has Slot sketch entities or you can use one of the following methods to cut a slot: n Use one of the Slot sketch tools. SolidWorks has straight and arc slot options on the sketch toolbar. n Explicitly drawing the slot. Draw a line, press A to switch to the Tangent Arc tool, draw the tangent arc, press A to switch back to the Line tool, and so on. Although you can press the A key to toggle between the line and arc functions, you can also toggle between a line and a tangent arc by returning the cursor to the line/arc first point. n Rectangle and arcs. Draw a rectangle, place a tangent arc on both ends, and then turn the ends of the rectangle into construction entities. n Thin Feature cut. As you did earlier with the groove, you can also create a Thin Feature slot, although you need to follow additional steps to create rounded ends on it. n Offset in Sketch. By drawing a line, and using the Offset with Bi-directional, Make Base Construction, and Cap Ends settings, it is easy to create a slot from any shape by drawing only the centerline of the slot. n Library feature. A library feature can be stored and can contain either simple sketches or more complex sets of combined features. The library feature is a good option for the counterbored slot used in this example. Library features are discussed in depth in 19.
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7: Selecting Features
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This is the name that appears onscreen when your child logs on to the computer. Note: This does not have to be the same as the username he or she uses for other online activities, like e-mail. It can be a nickname or just her initials.
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Rip CDs
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Base Controls
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portability The feature of software that allows it to be moved and recompiled on systems different from the one it was developed on. port mapper A network service that keeps track of communications channels. port monitor A program that continuously watches for requests. port numbers The numeric port identifiers used by TCP/IP. Most are stored in the file /etc/services. postmaster The person who manages email. The alias that directs messages about bounced mail and such to this person. power-on self test (POST) A set of tests run at boot time to check the hardware. primary server With respect to DNS, a server that is authoritative and whose information is locally configured. print client A system that uses a print server to print. print queue A directory used to hold files waiting to be printed. print server A system that queues print requests and sends them to the printer when the printer is ready. private key In an asymmetric encryption system, the key that is known only to the owner of the key pair. Contrast with public key. private network A network used for a special function, such as passing a heartbeat between systems so that they can monitor each other s availability. process A program or command is called a process while it is running or waiting for resources so that it can be run. process file system (procfs) A file system type used to provide interfaces to running processes and kernel structures. process ID The numeric identifier of a running process. process status The state of a process. Includes: running, stopped, and waiting, and so on. procfs See process file system. profile With respect to JumpStart, profile is a description of how a system is to be installed. profile server With respect to JumpStart, a server that houses client profiles. PROM Programmable read-only memory. protocol A formal set of exchanges, and the rules that govern them, allowing computers to work together. proxy A system that fronts for another in one way or another. pseudo-file-system A file system that does not correspond to files on a disk, but to some other structure or interface (e.g., swap space or running processes). pseudouser A username that is not associated with an actual individual, but with a function or process. public key In an asymmetric encryption system, the key that is publicly available. Contrast with private key.
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At a signaling point, there is a MTPl and a MTP2 for each signaling link and a single MTP3 (Fig. 8.1-2). The signaling links carry message signal units, link status signal units (LSSUs), and ll-in signal units (FISUs). The LSSUs and FISUs originate in the MTP2 at one end of a signaling link and terminate in the MTP2 at the other end.
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with mobility 1. the diffusion coefficient was already written as VTI (Einstein
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# Specify the background color for the #mainMenu .activeMenuItem selector.
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1. Plug the gamepad into a USB port. Windows Vista displays a balloon by the system notification area informing you that it has detected new hardware. It then tells you it s installing the necessary HID (human interface device) drivers for it, as shown in Figure 24.17. Finally, it tells you your hardware is installed and ready to use.
The secondary prompt continues to prompt for more data until you enter the text marker. The wc command performs the line, word, and byte count of the data supplied by the inline input redirection.
Create must be the first command in a batch; the termination of the batch ends the creation of the stored procedure. The following example creates a simple stored procedure that retrieves data from the ProductCategory table in the OBXKites database: USE OBXKites; go CREATE PROCEDURE CategoryList AS SELECT ProductCategoryName, ProductCategoryDescription FROM dbo.ProductCategory; RETURN;
You ll notice that the Component Services console provided with Windows Server 2008 includes nodes for Event Viewer, Active Directory Users and Computers, and Services. These are also available as separate consoles. See the sections Event Viewer, Services, and Using Event Viewer later in this chapter, for more details. See s 17 23 for a discussion of Active Directory.
USE OBXKites SELECT LastName, FirstName FROM dbo.Contact LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.[Order] ON Contact.ContactID = [Order].ContactID WHERE OrderID IS NULL
boss, is relieved that he could provide such complete information in his rst professional interaction. If I had wanted a distribution, I would have asked for a distribution, snaps the boss, give me a number so that I can calculate our operating costs. Eventually they settle on the time-honored tradition of representing the uncertainty by its average. Armed with the accurate average demand of ve cartons per month, the boss now proceeds to estimate inventory operating costs, calculated as follows: If monthly demand is less than the amount stocked, the firm incurs a spoilage cost of $50 per unsold carton of the perishable drug. On the other hand, if demand is greater than the amount stocked, the firm must air freight the extra cartons at an increased cost of $150 each. A quick calculation indicates that if ve cartons are stocked, and the demand happens to come in right at its average of ve, then there will be neither spoilage nor air freight costs. Thus, the boss reasons, the average inventory operating cost will be zero. Right
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