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Residential lines usually are private lines. A very few party lines remain in the United States, although they are not unusual in developing countries where infrastructure is limited in remote areas. A party line involves a local loop shared between perhaps 2, 4, 8, or as many as 16 residences. Some form of distinctive ringing comprising various combinations of short and long rings distinguishes a call intended for each individual residence on the shared line. Clearly, there is no privacy on a party line, as any party can pick up the phone and answer the call or listen in on it. Placing outgoing calls is a free-for-all, as the caller must pick up the phone to determine if the line is available before placing the call. If someone else is using the line, the process must be repeated at another time, and perhaps again and again in hopes that the line eventually will be available. Good telephone etiquette is a positive quality in a party line subscriber. (Note: As we will discuss in 8, Ethernet is much like a party line, as the media access control protocol is contentious and nondeterministic.) Business Lines Business lines are local loop connections between the business premises and the CO. Business lines provide access to single-line and multiline terminal sets as well as to Key Telephone Systems (KTSs). Business lines generally are analog in nature, although digital ISDN BRI has increased in popularity. Contemporary business lines also can be provided over analog or digital channels of a DSL local loop or even over a CATV network. Business lines are almost always private lines, although there are very rare instances of party line service in developing countries. PBX Trunks PBX trunks are local loop connections between PBX switches and network switches. As noted in 3, PBX trunks may be incoming only, outgoing only, or bidirectional (combination) in nature. Trunk connections may be provisioned individually and may be analog in nature. More typically, trunks are provisioned on a high-capacity, digital, multichannel basis (e.g., T1, E1, and ISDN Primary Rate Interface, or PRI). Trunks that serve a speci c, common purpose are grouped into a trunk group. Dedicated Transport Services Dedicated circuits, in the traditional sense, are leased-line circuits dedicated to a speci c use by a speci c user organization. Again, they may be either analog or digital and either single channel or multichannel. Typically, the LEC provides dedicated circuits on an intraLATA basis, although CAPs also provide such circuits to the extent that their facilities match user requirements. An IXC typically provides interLATA leased lines, with the ILEC or CAP providing the local loop connection to the IXC POP and the IXC providing the interLATA portion to the destination POP, where the circuit interfaces with the ILEC local loop serving the target location. (Note that LATAs are regulatory boundaries that exist only in the United States. Also note that the distinction between LECs and IXCs is largely a regulatory distinction in the United States
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Assembly Configurations and Display States
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Miter Flange feature
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The php.ini configuration file is where the main configuration settings for PHP are. These settings control how the PHP preprocessor handles PHP code. Table 21-4 shows some of the more important settings and how they re set in the Ubuntu server.
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Understanding Dissection
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Select Color Scheme
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CRLs are objects that list the certi cates that have been revoked by a CA. They can be read by PKI-enabled applications (such as the certi cate manager on Windows XP). CRLs are critical for maintaining security. If a PKI application has no way of verifying the validity of a certi cate, then it either cannot operate or cannot continue with the processing of an application. The CA has no way of knowing whether a certi cate it has issued has been compromised. If a CA issues a certi cate and its owner loses or compromises the key, then it is incumbent on the certi cate owner to alert the CA of the compromise. The CA can then revoke the certi cate, and both legally (declaratively) and operationally force the certi cate out of circulation. Of course, a PKI-enabled application (such as Internet Explorer) can continue to ignore the revocation, but custom PKI applications that work with highly sensitive or valuable data would typically suspend operations as soon as a certi cate was revoked.
Customizing Vista s Look and Feel
With a basic understanding of file permissions in hand, you need to make some basic assumptions to understand a good WordPress file permission configuration.
Best Practice
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