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The WordPress ecosystem emerges
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While Reporting Services can easily add subtotals and totals without any extra work by the query, it might prove useful to supply the total for a .NET application for display at the bottom of a form or web page. If that s your challenge, then these next three aggregate commands are perfect solutions.
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Table 47-1: Reporting Services Project Deployment Properties
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Figure 22-5: Windows Live Calendar s Agenda view
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Hostname. A DNS term that refers to the name given a particular device on an IP network. The hostname may refer to a workstation, server, router, and so forth. Inheritance. The effect of propagating an object s properties to its child or subtree members. Kerberos. Developed by MIT, Kerberos is a security system used to authenticate users. The Kerberos protocol is the primary authentication mechanism in the Windows 2000 operating system. Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC). The KCC is a built-in service that runs on all domain controllers and automatically establishes connections between individual machines in the same site. These are known as Windows 2000 Directory Service connection objects. An administrator may establish additional connection objects or remove connection objects. At any point, though, where replication within a site becomes impossible or has a single point of failure, the KCC will step in and establish as many new connection objects as necessary to resume Active Directory replication. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). A protocol used to access a directory service. LDAP support is currently being implemented in Web browsers and e-mail programs, which can query an LDAP-compliant directory. LDAP is a simplified version of the Directory Access Protocol (DAP), which is used to gain access to X.500 directories. It is easier to code the query in LDAP than in DAP, but LDAP is less comprehensive. For example, DAP can initiate searches on other servers if an address is not found, while LDAP cannot in its initial specification. LDAP is the primary access protocol for Active Directory. Logical structure. The elements of Active Directory that overlay the physical structure of the directory and help to unite all elements. Examples include the schema and DNS. multi-master replication. The Active Directory provides multi-master replication. Multi-master replication means that all replicas of a given directory partition are writeable. This allows updates to be
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To enable other workstations to use Remote Desktop Viewer to connect to your Ubuntu workstation, select System Preferences Remote Desktop. The Remote Desktop Preferences window, shown in Figure 8-13, appears.
Active Directory Installation and Deployment
Grid Tools and Techniques
Part VI Optimization Strategies
(6.1.18) The azimuth angle for a particular random number R can then be selected by the numerical solution of = F 1 (R).
800 to 1 Multimedia integrates the worlds of video transmission and digital communications with the world of computing. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG).
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