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In order to change the impedance matching at a terminal from a narrow-band to a wide-band response, the distance from the trace of the return loss, S11 or S22 (or impedances) to the center of the Smith chart must be as short as possible. In order to change the impedance matching at a terminal from a narrow-band to a wide-band response, the area the impedance trace or the return loss S11 or S22 occupies on the Smith chart must be shrunk to as small an area as possible.
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Starting with the Start button
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Figure 7.2 shows the two functions given in Eqs. (7.2.6) and (7.2.7) for A = 1 and 2 B = 1. With these parameter values, the two equations give the probability of error for DPSK and BPSK modulations, respectively, to be discussed later. The exponential approximation is an asymptotic bound providing a close approximation (less than a 1-dB error in ) for the low error rates required in most practical applications. It is convenient if we assume that the error rate is an exponential function with parameters A and B b . The error rate is related linearly to the parameter A and exponentially to B b . Furthermore, we observe that the value of A varies over a limited range from one modulation scheme to another, and only order-of-magnitude changes in the error rate are considered signi cant. As a result, we may ignore A and compare various modulation techniques on the basis of the value of B b needed to provide an acceptable error rate. This approach will allow us to use SNR as the basis for comparing modulation methods rather than the precisely calculated error rate. For example, from Fig. 7.2 we see that either BPSK or DPSK modulation for steady signals in AWGN requires a
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Part V Business Intelligence
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Before You Build Your Site
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Wall costing (+180 V) Photocathode ( 300 V) Target screen (zero)
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FIGURE 20.13 Now my movie has two clips.
Structure of an OFDMA frame.
You cannot have multiple Explorer buttons. If you leave the default Windows
To expand on the earlier discussion about projected changes to the Equation interface, several standard selection functionalities do not work in the Edit Equation dialog box. These include triple-clicking to select all (although double-clicking works to select a single word) and pressing Ctrl+A to select all.
The catalog view, sys.servers, returns the linked server s options. The system stored procedure, sp_helpserver, also returns information about linked servers: SELECT [Name], Product, Provider, Data_source FROM sys.servers WHERE Is_Linked = 1;
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Figure 16.6 Number of operations per iteration step for different algorithms for a decision feedback equalizer (see below). In this gure: FTF, Fast Transversal Filter.
While Loops
Mass Mailings
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