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24: Database Server
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Wireless Communications
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Configuring a Domain
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Creating and Using Libraries
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Keep in mind that DirectX 10 itself is not compatible with earlier versions of DirectX. That said, if you have games and hardware designed to work only with early versions of DirectX, you may need to investigate their performance under Windows Vista; in theory they won t work with the new operating system and the latest DirectX releases.
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Part V: Creating Drawings
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DNS Server Eur Domain DNS Server NA Domain
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Notice that all of the special prompt characters begin with a backslash (\). The backslash distinguishes a prompt character from normal text in the prompt. In the earlier example, the prompt contained prompt characters and a normal character (the @ sign and the square brackets). You can create any combination of prompt characters in your prompt. To create a new prompt, just assign a new string to the PS1 variable:
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FIGURE 7.45 Using curvature combs to evaluate transitions
What Is Grid Computing
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dRagging and dRopping FavoRiTE aRTiSTS, albumS, oR gEnRES If playlist creation is too tedious, you can simply drag and drop favorite content from your collection onto a special Windows Phone icon that you ll find in the bottom left of the Zune PC software s application window (Figure 6-9). This works with individual songs, artists, albums, and even genres. (This works with playlists, too.) You can also rightclick on these items to sync them with your phone. ConSidERing a ZunE paSS True music lovers, and those who are still regularly buying music, should consider a Zune Pass subscription. For a low monthly fee $14.95 a month in the United States at the time of this writing, though the cost is not as bad as it sounds, as I ll soon describe Zune Pass allows you to stream and download as much music as you want from Microsoft s collection of several million songs in the Zune Marketplace. Zune features like Smart DJ work more effectively when you have a Zune Pass, because they can utilize a much bigger collection of music. And the Channels feature actually requires a Zune Pass. Zune Pass is particularly valuable for music lovers for another, non-obvious reason. In addition to giving you on-the-fly access to Microsoft s amazing music collection, it also provides subscribers with 10 song credits that can be redeemed each month. These song credits can be redeemed for songs, so instead of purchasing them at $1 each, you get them for free. Point being that if you re buying a lot of music, and would be spending $10 a month on new music anyway the equivalent of a typical album the real cost of Zune Pass is just $5 a month. (In the United States, that is; international pricing and availability will vary.) Zune Pass also works in some surprising places. For example, you can actually access the entire Zune Marketplace collection (social.zune.net/home) via your PC s web browser, log on with your Windows Live ID, and stream full length songs all day long if you d like, so this is a solution that works great for both Mac users and for those who work in places where they can t install PC software (like the Zune PC software).
Veritas Volume Manager has become almost a de facto standard in volume management especially on the most critical servers. Conceptually, it is much like Solaris Volume Manager and most of the vocabulary will transfer from one product to the other. In other ways, Veritas Volume Manager has its own way of managing disks, its own command set, and its own idiosyncrasies. Veritas Volume Manager works by loading its own device driver, vxio, when the system starts up. This device driver uses information stored in the private regions and uses it to communicate with the underlying hardware. For example, for a mirrored device, it might reissue a write request as multiple writes. By retaining an internal database detailing how devices should handle I/O, the volume manager is able to act as a translator between the physical and virtual devices. Like Solaris Volume Manager, Veritas Volume Manager supports a number of RAID types, including RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 1+0, and 5.
Creating and Using Libraries
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That s all there is to purchasing a song online. Windows Vista Ultimate features an online store from MTV called URGE, which is the default music store. Let s check it out.
Some assignment statement examples using scalar variables are:
Figure 17.9 Automatic phase noise measurement.
You can save favorites from one document and load them into another document, even between document types. For example, you can load part dimension favorites into a drawing. When an external favorite is updated, any document that it is linked to also updates. In addition, you can break links to external favorites (with the appropriate button on the Favorites panel). Otherwise, dimension favorites have very similar functions to the other types of favorites; the functions of all of the buttons on the Favorites panel are the same.
Figure 13.11 shows one experimental test of Buffon's process on Fig. 13.10. The midpoints in the first figure are the vertices of the outer polygon in the second figure.
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